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When Logics Fail, Wisdom Prevails

With the divine gift and grace from his Himalayan Master, SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji, Dr. N Rajgopal’s specific remedies have solved several deep rooted problems and changed the lives of many. Every individual is unique in this Universe having born at a chosen time, when the celestial rays are in harmony with his / her individual Karma of unalterable past and probable future results.

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What-Why-How of Gemstones

A Gemstone is not a piece of ordinary stone, but an inexhaustible storehouse of COSMIC COLOUR RAYS. In modern Science, these seven Cosmic Colours are known as VIBGYOR. Different Cosmic Colours are concentrated in each Gemstones and it is possible to make use of these stored Cosmic Colours for the purpose of Medicine, Health, Wealth, Spiritual Elevation, Peace, Prosperity and for attaining Success in many ventures by an individual.

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