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Dr. N Rajgopal

Dr N. Rajgopal is one of the direct disciples of Mahavatar Babaji. He is India's reputed and much sought after Vedic Astrologer. He continuously channels his Guru, the Immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji. He helps people by solving various kinds of problems though counselling, astrological solutions, medicines and natural gemstones. Solution to each case is given by him through a special divine method called "MindScope" which is a spiritual guidance from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji.

He is the only person in India who does this unique reading called "MindScope" . With his spiritual quest and dedication, Dr. N Rajgopal is guided by the Himalayan Master, immortal SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Yes, the same Babaji as mentioned in Paramahansa Yogananda's world renowned book titled “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

"MindScope" is one of the most unique guidance to Babaji's disciple Dr. N Rajgopal. He uses this gift from Babaji to help mankind. The uniqueness of this gift is that the planetary afflictions, deficiencies or adverse conjunctions or colour hunger can be traced or marked within minutes, without the aid of horoscope / birth chart details, but just by touching the photo of the individual. In cases where people cannot afford high cost astrological/vedic remedies, Dr. N Rajgopal helps them with simple natural Gemstones to heal the individuals from the diseased conditions or to uplift them from deteriorated financial position to prosperity. Many failed and dropped-out cases have responded well to the natural Gemstones selected and given by Dr. N Rajgopal through unique MindScope. It is astonishing that the Gemstones are selected just by a passport photo and no other details of the individual are required. 

Thus, whether it is concerned to spiritual growth related or materialistic aspiration related or health/physical suffering related, all doubts can be precisely cleared and guidance obtained through the divine MindScope. Once the problem is identified the route to success is always available through well selected remedies such as Gemstones or other innumerable methods that will still be guided by MindScope.



Darshan of SadGuru Babaji

Dr. N Rajgopal was fortunate to have the Darshan of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji several times. Incidentally, in one the spiritual encounters, with Mahavatar Babaji on 22nd September 2008 at an altitude of over 10,500 feet MSL in the Himalayas in the region of Badrinath at the end of Mana village, Babaji himself manifested in the form of seven colour rainbow light to Dr. N Rajgopal.

The spiritual encounter happened between 9 and 10 in the morning. It was only after a divine whisper in the ears to Dr. N. Rajgopal during the return journey through dark mountainous path that he opened the camera to see a spectacular rainbow coloured light and beam of light. He could realize that it was Babaji himself manifesting in form of seven colour rainbow light.


Dr. N Rajgopal hails from an Orthodox Iyer family of Moola purusha Gopala Iyer, who established his family long back in a small village named Nemmeli near Mannargudi of Tanjavur District, India.

Long Lineage.....

Born on 1st January 1955 at Mannargudi, around 100 kms from the birth place of Babaji. Mannargudi has a famous temple dedicated to Sri Rajagopala Swamy. Dr. N Rajgopal's forefathers were the Royal Jyotishas for Tanjore Maharaja and his samasthanam. Pleased with the fructification of one of the forecast about plenty of rain in the drought hit state and birth of a male progeny to the King, the King gifted plenty of land and grants, which was enjoyed by the late Gopala Iyer and his descendants.

Born to Shri D Nagarajan & Smt N Jayalakshmi, Dr. N Rajgopal hails from a highly rich Zamindari family with Orthodox and Jyotisha background. His maternal grandfather late Sri. Rama Iyer was a famous Engineer and Industrialist owning several rice mills, ice factories, theatres, bus services etc., in Kumbakonam. In the year 1960, Dr. N Rajgopal’s family moved from Nemmeli to Bengaluru, as the prospects for studies were not encouraging in the village. Consequent to leaving the village and owing to differences with the tillers of the lands and letting down by close confidants, his father deserted all his property and walked out empty handed. Due to this reason; the childhood life of Dr. N Rajgopal was full of turmoil, and troubles. He was roasted between poverty and struggle, day-in-and day-out. Born among five sisters, he was the only son to his parents. Taking part time, off time employments from various sources, he continued his studies. He completed his Post-Graduation in Sociology and Yoga, Masters Degree in Alternative Medicines, Jyotish Visharada and a couple of Management Diplomas and Specialized training programs on various topics. He served in private companies; MNCs, big corporate houses holding a variety of middle level and senior positions. Having authored books on taxation and general topics, he has been teaching Management, Taxation, HR etc. at various forums. He is also running a charitable dispensary at Babaji Sannidhan, besides heading the Sri Mahavatar Babaji Sannidhan Seva Trust. His late father Shri D Nagarajan was a devout follower of Jyotisha and had a good following in the family circle. Surprisingly, his father had underlined his last day on this earth and had even left a written note on his bedside, containing the kind of samskaras to be performed on each day after his death.

A big list of clients around the world.....


Having his own well established Astrological consultation office over fifteen years, in name of Fortune Life Signs at Bengaluru; Dr. N Rajgopal has a big list of clients around the world cutting across nationality, religion, faith and language and caste barriers. Dr. N. Rajgopal checks the deep rooted problems of a person or planetary afflictions or curses, stumbling blocks etc., affecting the growth and progress in life just by touching the person's photograph. This is done even before reading the horoscope, all with the spiritual guidance of his Divine Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Over the years, his specific remedies have solved several deep rooted problems and changed the lives of many. With his divine help and guidance, people from all walks of life have rejuvenated their life to glory from a miserable and deteriorated condition.

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