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About Us

We at wish to add value to every customer in exploring all possible avenues. We believe that every individual is a unit and part of the whole. The whole cannot exist without units. Our Endeavour is to give Life Solutions to our customers to make their life comfortable.

We wish to achieve this aim through Natural Gemstones, which is unique by itself, as there is a lifelong shelf-life for it. The Gemstones, well selected through the unique MindScope , will always be with you as life companion being a witness to your healthy, wealthy, strong, self-sustained and prosperous life journey.

Rest assured, for every piece of Gemstone that leaves our hands to enrich the value of our customers, we have ensured a QUAD Protection & Support as follows:

  1. The Gemstones come to you with the TRUST from which stands for all that you find in this website.
  2. is an ISO 9001 -2008 Quality Management System Certified Company.
  3. The Gemstones, for every customer, are selected by the unfailing, tested, trusted, unique MindScope  with over 30 years of expertise.
  4. Additionally, the Gemstones are tested through well established external authorized and ISO 9001 -2008 Quality Management System Certified LABORATORIES.