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Benefits of Gemstones

Our ancient seers had high scientific knowledge and with their mere intuition found out that everything in this universe is sensitive to colour influence. They understood that every planet has its own colour. They discovered that the influence they exert on men also depended on the different colours emitted or absorbed. They also discovered that when radiation is applied to Gemstones, they are found to be nature’s store house of energy and they produce constructive vibrations against the disease vibrations that are destructive in character. The Saints stress that the malefic power released by the planets is always negative, while at the same time the power released by Gemstones is always positive. The negative vibration is neutralized when it encounters the positive.

The life enhancing utility value of Gemstones is not without creditable history. Their beneficial uses have been well documented and described right from the time of the Vedas. Innumerable references about utility value of Gemstones can be quoted from several authoritative and recognized sources of ancient literatures in Medicine, Astrology, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mythology etc.,.