Power, Authority and Honour through MindScope selected Gemstone

Gemstones when selected specifically for a person to match his/her vibrations, dreams and aspirations have the ability to give immense benefits. In the case of Venkateshwarulu Naidu, the MindScope selection was for a Gemstone for power, authority and honour. This remedy chosen and provided was a Gemstone for Political Success.

Venkateshwarulu Naidu was a very good orator with great skill in articulating mix of tales from Puranas in different languages adding humour to it as well. He had vast knowledge of many subjects in addition to ancient scriptures. His ability to keep the audience in complete attention and in full attendance was appreciated by many. Although he had such great communication delivery skills and leadership abilities and was also friendly with many people in political circles, he was not appreciated enough or given a chance or better opportunities to prove his worth. Once having missed out in being nominated to the legislative council at the last minute due to petty politics, he became very sad and dejected.

He approached Dr. N Rajgopal since he knew him to be the best astrologer in Bangalore and a genuine solution provider for life problems. His only desire was to get recognised for his abilities and attain the respect from society that he deserved. MindScope analysis of his photo revealed a shortage of Ultraviolet colour which is essential for great success and honours. In order to rectify this shortage, a suitable Gomed Gemstone was selected as an initial remedy. He was advised to wear the Gomed Gemstone set in a gold ring on his left hand middle finger or little finger. MindScope may have chosen Gomed Gemstone for its abilities to provide honour, wealth and strength. Such is the Power of Gemstone if well selected by its suitability to an individual it becomes the Key to Success.

Within 3-4 months after he had started wearing the Gomed Gemstone, Venkateshwarulu Naidu joined a well-known regional political party and was made its organising secretary for the state and in 2 years he was nominated as member of legislative council. Venkateshwarulu Naidu had sought a full-fledged remedy during this period and his Political Success graph was now on a continued uptrend. Within four years Venkateshwarulu Naidu got elected as a member of legislative assembly and also got the opportunity to serve as a Minister.

MindScope selection of the best suitable Gemstone for Venkateshwarulu Naidu helped him achieve his dreams and aspirations to be recognised for what he was worth. The well selected Gemstone gave him position, honour, wealth, prosperity and power leading to Political Success.