Gemstone for removing hurdles in Professional Growth


Lack of comforts-Solutions for suffering at work-Happiness in Profession


When a person has to work living far away from family, peace of mind is shattered and there is at times inability to concentrate on work. It can in certain cases cause low work output and also mental agony. A properly selected Gemstone for removing hurdles in professional growth was given to Venkatrangan which helped him in job transfer to a location which was convenient for him and his family. 

Venkatrangan was a station master posted in Dharwad railway station of southern railway. He was posted to this station long ago and he was finding it difficult to manage his job as he was from Trichy of Tamil Nadu. He was finding it difficult to travel between Trichy and Dharwad, as and when he had to attend to any family function, rituals or festivals. Due to long years of stay in a single station, Venkatrangan was not able to concentrate on more time in his agricultural land. Due to various land reforms act while he was getting legal income from his own vast land there was also threat of his losing his land itself to some disgruntled farmers. He had to split his family between Dharwad and Trichy thereby his son was studying in Kannada medium while his two daughters were studying in Tamil medium at Tamil Nadu. Venkatrangan was an ardent devotee of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji and had known about Dr. N Rajgopal through some sources. He approached Dr. N Rajgopal for some possible help in order to ensure his transfer to Trichy or any other nearby station which in turn will open up many solutions to his long suffering and hurdles in professional growth.


His case was analysed and it was revealed by MindScope that he has been lacking many comforts in life due to lack of Indigo Colour and a single gemstone, specifically suitable to his vibrations to fulfil his aspirations, alone was sufficient for him. He was thus selected one of the best Zircon Gemstone and was advised to wear it on a platinum ring made for his left hand middle finger. In almost 4 months’ time Venkatrangan called Dr. N Rajgopal from a place called Golden Rock railway station to state the good news that he was transferred to Tamil Nadu. He explained that Dharwad was under southern railway which was reorganised into a new zone. By this way a new zone south western railway was created out of southern railway and Venkatrangan was given an option to choose south-western railway or southern railway. Thus he was retained in southern railway and he was posted to the above railway station which is within few kms of Trichy.


Zircon Gemstone is a substitute for Diamond Gemstone and is known for its ability to give comforts in life. MindScope must have selected this particular Gemstone for removing hurdles in Professional growth and providing comforts in the life of Venkatrangan.