All those who have Business Ideas do not succeed in Business. It is also true that all those who succeed in business need not have any Business idea of their own. But, when a Business Idea occurs, many try to explore such Business Ideas for a gain. Several of them fail and quit from the scene in a short time, realising that the Business idea or the Business itself is not their cup of things.

Many try to sustain for a few years and accumulate losses to their account and exit or sell their Business idea itself to someone for a peanut amount. Yet, some people encounter heavy losses and miserably fail by not only losing all their wealth, but also would have lost heavy money they have borrowed at a high rate of interest, mortgaging their property and assets. Interestingly, only a very few people come-up successfully well with their Business Ideas.

Idea is one of the most searched important key words by the human mind. In every stage of life the word Idea is thought and talked about by almost every individual. Even to a child of less than one year, ideas occur in Mind. The animals and birds too have ideas, if not how can they escape from the attack or for that matter how can they plan and hunt their prey? Not all those ideas that creep in mind or pass as thoughts before us become a reality or fructify. As almost forty thoughts are said to be originating every minute from everyone’s mind, the reality is that we do not pay much attention to these ideas. As these continue to be happening to us like to any other person, we just ignore them, although no action is applied without an idea of thought, we still are not aware of it.


But, when it comes to the Business Ideas, we cannot, brush it aside. Such Business ideas could have vast difference of one’s life itself or such Business Idea may even change the very life of millions and billions of people around the world.

The story of two childhood friends Paul Allen and Bill Gates’ Business Idea which sought to make a Successful Business utilizing their shared skills in computer programming. They launched their first company named Traf-O-Data in 1972 which was the turning point of today’s Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has changed the way how offices are organised from typewriters, black boards, wall clocks, adding machines, punching clocks, Kardex or bin cards, physical note books, telegrams, telex, postal services, hundreds of office tables and chairs to a single computer or laptop.

Similarly, it is said that Google began in the year 1996 as a research project by two PhD students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1998 the Google Company was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to market Google Search. From then on Google has become the most widely used web-based search engine. They developed a search algorithm initially known as "BackRub". Google search engine became so popular and it soon proved successful. Besides these, Google offers a host of services, which are indispensable for day-to-day life.

Today, in every breath of our life, we could feel the Business Idea of Paul Allen and Bill Gates on one side while that of Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the other side. These two are very vital Business Ideas which sets as an example of how a Business Idea can convert the future of millions and billions of people across the globe.


But everyone, who has a Business idea, cannot enjoy the success factor. Every one cannot expect to be a Microsoft Corporation or Google Company. The success factor for each person or each company may differ. While it is difficult to define the term Success, we can know what experts from various streams of life talk of Success or how in general people understand the coined word Success. An anonymous describes Success as understanding the difference between need and want, or having 99% attitude and 1% aptitude. We have also read that Dale Carnegie calls Success as remembering to balance work with patience. He says you never achieve Success unless you like what you are doing. Hence, it is clear that you cannot do something better, unless the idea belongs to you. In the sense, unless the Business idea is your own, you would be working for someone and any success achieved may not belong to you. Also it could be so that just because you own the Business idea, your success is in no way guaranteed.


Why we discuss these things here will be clear only when we read the following crucial facts. As said elsewhere by us, no doubt that each of the activity from our childhood is oriented to achieve success in all the fields, which on becoming an adult, ultimately culminates in attitude change, making us to grab power, authority, wealth, money, material comforts, etc. With this, starts stiff competition and then chasing, cheating, hiding etc., follow to accomplish the aim or purpose of what one wants to achieve. Good or bad, outcome of the initiative of the Business Idea depends on the degree of Business Success that will be achieved. Everything understood rightly or misunderstood otherwise the fact remains that success does not knock the doors of all those who put full efforts.


Business Success even ditches a person who is earnest, puts all his or her heart and soul behind the aim of achieving Business Success. When the Business Idea is not yielding expected results, it is quite common that the person concerned would be eager to check various parameters to know that all plans and actions are as per the advice rendered by the experts on the field. However, to pin point the business opportunities or obstacles well ahead of time, is a challenging task. We have already mentioned that one must know that there are certain important factors that cannot be determined or found out only by market research, assessment or through any set of scales etc. What happened in the case of well- orchestrated Tata Nano Car manufacturing plant at Singur, West Bengal? Only the issue become bigger and bigger to draw even the international media attention but the professionally managed Tata Motors could not set-up the manufacturing facilities even with support, sanction and approval of an elected State Government. Who could foresee the utter failure of this prestigious project? Even the expert Astrologers who rendered services could not get a clue of the dismal failure. It at all this case was brought before the MindScope for divine intervention through Dr. N Rajgopal, the loss of crores of rupees, time, efforts, energy, labour, political power etc., spent on the failed project could have been saved much earlier.

This is where the “Divine Intervention” is very vital to any Business Success be it a Launch of new business or Turnaround for stagnating business; or Expanding or diversifying existing business to a new horizon. Dr. N Rajgopal, the Best Astrologer in India, can help and his interference is a must, if success is the end result. is fortunate to get services of Dr. N Rajgopal, who has been blessed with unique abilities to provide prior knowledge of such hidden factors and play a very vital role in the areas of new launch, structuring, restructuring and or reorganising of business process and goals to emerge even more successful with higher growth to fulfill the aims and objects of one’s Business Idea. Dr. N Rajgopal’s unique analysis would reveal the unknown, hidden or unobserved opportunities, faults, threats or obstacles of any Business.


Just think, technically and practically, everything may be in order but, still the Business Success is eluding. Then what could be the reason? It appears that every minute requirement is met, all the things are in place, environmental authorities have cleared the project, everything is quite in order on Tax front and regulatory aspects; the land and building approvals are obtained, the production and marketing teams have done their back work to the fullest satisfaction; the partners and support staff are very good and trust worthy, there is very good support and cooperation from the locals for the business under consideration, there are no visible obstacles seen for the product launched and the product has a local and global acceptance. Now the promoters would be scratching their heads as no valuable or visible reasons or causes are seen for the failure of expected Business Success or for the much expected Business Ideas put on action. It is here that plays a crucial role through their successful team of experts supported by unique MindScope method of analysis of Dr. N Rajgopal which would reveal the unknown reasons for the eluding Business Success. By this way of exploring the MindScope just through a photograph of the owner or the responsible person in command, the much trusted Business Ideas could become a successful reality.


It is a hard fact that only 5-10 % of new Business Ideas click and an equal rate of Business start-ups survive more than a year. When only the concerned Business leaders make-up their mind, not to be dwarfed by blind approaches of satisfying or meeting the visible technicalities, as parameters for Business success and look to the apt repeated fact “When Logics fail – Wisdom Prevail”, they can see the Business Success with the combined guidance of, MindScope and Dr. N Rajgopal.

This could go a long way in saving time, energy, resources, and money spent on unnecessary proposals. Hence, if one could rather concentrate to implement the suggestions obtained through the divine intervention of MindScope, they could become one amongst the few successful Businessmen and may be your Business Ideas would gather value.

No doubt, Astrologically Business Success is signified by 11th house; where the 11th lord moves to 9th house which gives high success combining fortune by movement of the lord from the 11th house to 11th house, which is also the house of luck or gain for the gain etc., are valid technical points in Astrology. Still to be applied to a specific person or Business entity, there are various other parameters to be satisfied if it has to be applied to the concerned person or Business entity. To do this process, one needs to search a good Astrologer who could de-code such detailed factors to render successful guidance. Many do not wish to employ so much efforts and time. On the other hand, “MindScope” is one of the most unique guidance to Babaji’s direct disciple and the Best Astrologer in India, Dr. N Rajgopal. He uses MindScope as grace from Mahavatar Babaji to help mankind. The uniqueness of this gift is that the planetary afflictions, deficiencies or adverse conjunctions etc., can be traced or marked within minutes or hours, without the aid of horoscope / birth chart details, but just by touching the photo of the individual or the Business Head. Thus Dr. N Rajgopal conceives many specific case demanding Astrological / Vedic remedies through divine revelation based on the persons photo. The Success story of Dr. N Rajgopal, being the best Astrologer in India, is almost cent per cent. By seeking his remedies and guidance, one can recover from a deteriorating financial position to prosperity. Many failed and dropped-out cases have responded well to the Dr. N Rajgopal remedies. Consult MindScope Business Solutions  now.