Since ages gemstones have served and proved their worth to the mankind, from pieces of jewelry to astrology, gemstones have been serving the mankind since eternity. The almighty god was very aware of the different types of hurdles that his children face on this mortal land and for this very reason, the angelic benevolent almighty created some structures for soliciting the sufferings of his children. Gemstones are the supreme gift of almighty god for his children to soothe their sufferings. The gemstones have emerged from the paradisiacal glow accompanied with the potent energies of deities bestowed on the mankind for defending them from negativities of life and living a better life. In our Vedic scriptures, gemstones hold high values and importance that removes the ill-effects of the planets and Colour Hunger.

Since ancient times Gemstones has been used for bringing wellness and luck along with success to the life of the bearer. The Gemstones attracts the attention of lots of people because of the high luster it inhabits along with the magical powers it holds. Each and every gemstone carries with itself some of the healing properties which help in healing the wearer in various ways.

There exist many gemstones which are famous for bringing for good luck. In the field of astrology, each gemstone holds different effects on the wearer based on their astrological chart but if the truth be told then the correct gemstones depend on the Colour Hunger the person is suffering from.

Gemstones are a gift given by nature and hold great mystical properties. However, gemstones gain their true potential only after getting hand carved as the cutting these stones releases the internal fire of it, creating mesmerizing scintillation making the gems enticing for the human eye.

A person wearing the remedial gemstones, finds themselves surrounded by energies that save them from Colour Hunger eventually clearing up, adjusting to the emanation into the atmosphere hence eventually, elevating energies, both emotional as well mental energies.

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