Though we all treat it just as a mere word but this word in itself holds great depth. Yes, a depth that almost in itself defines the complete meaning of Life. We all human beings strive for it and mostly to achieve it, we take unorthodox ways. But in our macrocosm, everything is plain to go, go, go. Even if we acquire the best of things yet we keep on striving something new, lingering to the previous best thing for a very short span.

It can be easily explained through the examples of cars. Once a new brand of a car comes in the market and if we make a purchase of it, its value automatically falls by two-third of its actual value the moment a new car enters the market. And with that, we start striving for the newer model. This thirst never lets us have a peaceful sleep, never allows us to sit in the comfort of our car, even if we know that it is the best at the time being.

However, is this thirst, this hunger to get the best all the time, really worth it? Ideally, it may not be worth destroying our peace and running behind a mirage. Though, it is truly acceptable that this attitude of us humans has completely revolutionized our life by taking us to the moon, by curing many deadly diseases, etc. But at the end of the day, it always comes to getting a peaceful sleep, being satisfied with the things that we have, instead of worrying for things that unnecessarily makes us sweat. 

These pseudo habits of trying to upgrade ourselves without cherishing the beautiful things from which our life becomes happy and blissful makes us no less than machines and robots. Our mind keeps on rattling and jumping from one thing to another and it becomes important for us to control it, if at all we want to live a comfortable Life. An important question then arises, is it possible to achieve a comfortable life as well as mental peace with which we can lead our life, without participating in this endless race? A comfortable Life is what we all strive for because of which the science of Astrology also recognizes its worth. There exist many Gemstones that can help a person in living a peaceful and comfortable Life. Apart from these Gemstones, there exist various remedies as well to give a person the type of Life they have always dreamt of, filled with comfort and happiness.

Our Holy Scriptures and Historical facts depict beautiful illustrations conveying in the form of stories, slokas, hymns etc., about the origin, uses and the Power of Gemstones. According to Kurma Purana, these Gemstones were formed from seven different rays of light emitting from the nine prominent planets present in our Solar System. These seven rays of light are said to be responsible for the cosmic existence of the cosmos in a human body. The nature in its own wisdom has created every human being with utmost perfection of colour combination to be healthy and wealthy for individual self. But owning obvious needs and greed, the colour gets altered and becomes inharmonious to be in optimum level. This is recognized as colour hunger by experts like Dr. N Rajgopal. These colours mismatch affect the human beings in various ways. Lack of any colour is what results in Colour Hunger. Because of this, we lose the peace of mind and are unable to live a comfortable life. The most astonishing aspect about Colour Hunger is that not all Astrologers can recognize it.

So, if you are struggling for a comfortable life then a Gemstone selected by MindScope could open up avenues and be your Gateway to Success. MindScope is a Spiritual guidance to Dr. N Rajgopal from Mahavatar Babaji. Dr. N. Rajgopal is a direct disciple of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Unlike other Astrologers, Dr. N. Rajgopal is able to realize the Colour Hunger the person is suffering from, just by touching the photo of the person. He then provides suitable solutions through Gemstones to rectify Colour Hunger and also provides other remedies.