There have been lot of instances where the analysis of astrological chart without any suggestions or remedial measure has resulted in trauma for the entire family. In this particular case, fear of Manglik dosh had resulted in delay in marriage for Guruprasad’s daughter Sumathi. Certain planetary remedies, remedies to remove fear of Manglik dosh were prescribed and a Gemstone for marriage was selected in form of a beautiful Aquamarine Gemstone. These remedies and Gemstone benefits brought back happiness in the life of Guruprasad and his daughter Sumathi.

Guruprasad form Coimbatore was self-sufficient in matters of wealth. He had lots of property which he had given on rental or lease and was enjoying the earnings and returns from those properties. His only worry was that he was not able to finalise the marriage of his educated young daughter of about 25 years. There was undue delay in marriage in her case and for one reason or the other the proposals were getting rejected by the prospective groom’s family. Most pseudo astrologers had rejected her case due to Manglik dosh present in her horoscope.

Guruprasad approached Dr. N Rajgopal for suitable remedies and solution for the presence of Manglik dosh in the horoscope of his daughter Sumathi. When Sumathi’s case was analysed through MindScope, several planetary afflictions and Manglik dosh (also known as Kuja dosha, Angaraka dosha, Chevvai dosham) was revealed in her case. Dr. N Rajgopal explained to Guruprasad that based on MindScope analysis, Sumathi would need suitable remedies for early marriage. If no remedies are taken then marriage could happen when Manglik dosh became ineffective around 27-29 years age for Sumathi. Guruprasad was clearly interested in a solution for early marriage for Sumathi and he asked Dr. N Rajgopal to go ahead with the remedies at the earliest.

Based on MindScope revelations a set of planetary remedies, specific remedies to remove fear of Manglik dosh were conceived and given. MindScope also selected a beautiful Aquamarine Gemstone possibly for its unique abilities to protect spouse.

The remedies for early marriage and the benefit of gemstones started showing their results and within a period of 3 months Sumathi’s marriage proposal was finalised with an eye surgeon. The wedding was conducted smoothly and within a year Sumathi became mother of a male child. Today, the couple are living happily together.