Divine Intervention is a combination of two words, Divine and Intervention. The word Divine is usually used for portraying the Almighty, the God whom we always assume is there to guide and care for us, whereas the word intervention is just a simple word explaining as involvement. Hence, when these two words combine, it forms a word that means an involvement of the Almighty.

But what does this Intervention of God mean and in what ways does he intervene?

Divine Intervention is a term used for explaining the miracles that happen because of the active involvement of a deity or the Almighty. There are many phrases present in our Holy Scriptures and Puranas for explaining the greater depth of this beautiful world. Let us look at some of the meanings of this enticing word.

When the God spreads his hands for reaching out to its children to save them from some fatal or life-threatening situations, such incidents is what commonly referred as Divine Interventions. In other words, when a person in need finds someone else coming to the right place at the right time, especially when they are in dire need and are angst with the thought that how they can cope with such situations.

Let us understand the Divine Intervention through an example: Suppose a person misses some form of transportation they take daily to reach their workplace and after missing the office because of this transportation delay; that later they hear the same vehicle, in which they would have travelled, has met with an accident. These unknown forces that save us from possible dangers are what we think are the blessing of the Almighty.

Whether it is an atheist or a big devotee of the Lord, all will accept that the air we breathe and the heart that is beating signaling a life existing on this land is all a gift from the Almighty or an unknown source. We are born with the grace of God, although the atheists may not agree, and one day we will bid our adieu to the world because he wanted us to do so and honestly we won’t get any other chance to ask him; Why Today? But till the day we don’t say Sayonara to this world and till that day we need his protection and his care. But Alas! Sometimes we lack in that. When a person is born, the seven colour rays of light work wonder in planning the life and future of that kid, even before the child could realize. But sometimes we suffer from some Colour Hunger, a hunger which arises because of the lack in one of these colors. Unaware of this, just in order to get the blessings of the Supreme, we try many ways out that include advice from field experts, religious heads, consultants etc. We even try our hands in Astrology and seek advice from various Astrologers, though they, with their half-baked knowledge are usually of less or no use. Still to avoid the backlashes of destiny and pitfalls of life, we need just the support of our Lord who can guide us through the darkest of the tunnels.

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