Education has always played the most vital role in the life of each and every person and is something that shapes the future and career of all. Just the way food is important for a healthy body, in the very same manner, education works as the food for a happy and successful life. We all want to live a luxurious and comfortable life but this is impossible to attain without a proper education. Education not only enhances the personality of a person but provides a standard to the person physically as well as mentally, means overall improving the living standards of the person. Proper and standard education provides a constructive nature to build a prosperous future.

The more knowledge we attain, the more we develop and grow in our life. We spend major part of our life studying for a future that is well secured. Like every parent and guardian, we want our kids to have the best education possible and have a bright future ahead and it is undeniable fact that education is the most important part of human life. Not only to live a happy life but lead a respectable life as well, education holds the utmost importance. We have usually seen that an illiterate person rarely gets any respect from this society, however humble that person is said to be. But in spite of all the importance, it is commonly seen that however hard some people try they are not able to possess this invaluable treasure of knowledge and education. In some cases, there are people who have high knowledge but no education and in some cases, people have good education but lack knowledge. It’s not like they are not interested in learning or they lack in their efforts but there exist so many unseen forces that stop them from progressing, from becoming a scholar. Because of all these unseen forces, these people usually lose their confidence and fall prey to doom and gloom having no hopes in their life. Many parents even get confused to get to know where they are lacking in their efforts in providing a sound education to their children or to identify where their kids are being deficient.

From seeking advice through medical professionals to taking medication, counseling or both, and getting admission to best educational institutions, you have done all that is possible in the competitive and ever changing technologically advanced society. Still, if you find your kids are failing or not being able to concentrate, then it means that your child is suffering from Colour Hunger. Light is what brightens our days and it is the main constituent of a human body. But the light is formed from seven different rays arriving to us as seven colours. If a person suffers from lack of any of these rays, then it is said that they are suffering from Colour Hunger. Almost all the Astrologers are usually wrapped-up in the Horoscopes, Kundalis and Grahas - Nakshatras only. None of such Astrologers can identify the Colour Hunger. Hence no solution will befit the sufferer, just in the same way as a medicine for typhoid cannot cure the disease of tuberculosis. There is only one Astrologer who recognizes this Colour Hunger and that person is none other than Dr. N. Rajgopal. He precisely identifies this Colour Deficiency and hence cures the suffering through selected Gemstones in many cases and in some cases through various Astrological remedies. The Power of Gemstones is eternal and it has the ability to draw and supply uninterrupted energy, powers, colour rays etc., and thus keep such suffering person vibrant with alertness and filled with knowledge, education and wisdom to lead a better life he or she deserves.

Dr. N. Rajgopal is one of the direct disciples of Mahavatar Babaji. In the past had worked in various MNC’s and gained rich experience in the worldly affairs and sufferings of people. Later he realized the true path with an unexpected spiritual encounter with his Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji and thus was initiated into spiritual life with knowing of the secrets of Astrology, Constellations of planets and Stars, remedial measures, and secrets of Gemstones application for human wellbeing etc. Thus, the Great Almighty had bestowed on Dr. N Rajgopal the secret keys to soothe the human sufferings in this material world. The great Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji also bestowed upon Dr. N Rajgopal the world famous MindScope for such purposes that human would undergo in this Kali Yuga with several questions bothering the daily intense life cycle. Therefore those who well understand the importance of Knowledge and Education in one’s life and those who have given up on trying and attaining education may let Dr. N. Rajgopal help you out. Dr. N. Rajgopal is completely different from other Astrologers as he doesn’t require any horoscope or Kundalis to detect the planetary afflictions, or doshas, curses etc., or to understand the Colour Hunger the person is suffering from, but a photo of the person can do all the tricks. Through a simple photo, he can find the cause of the trouble and hence provides with proper remedies along with Gemstones to help the person in acquiring the right education that will give them a bright future or solve any lingering problems in life.