The case of Bhushan Rao, is a classic example to know the strength and hidden perennial and everlasting power of growth, prosperity, wisdom etc. by acquisition of education and worldly knowledge, all achieved by self-propelled attitude of the wearer through the miracle Gemstone called Yellow Sapphire.

Bhushan Rao was an ordinary employee working as junior clerk in an automotive parts manufacturing company. He was assigned a small task of managing attendance of workers through in and out card punching machine for every shift of the day. He had to physically replace the cards at the timer cum punching machine installed at exit – entry of the shop floor.

His was a monotonous routine job and due to his poor qualification he was posted in a small designation having no scope for growth prospects to management cadre.

Once he met Dr. N Rajgopal to seek advice. Bhushan Rao was so financially weak that he even could not pay for his consultation. Considering his financial condition Dr. N Rajgopal volunteered to help him. During the discussion Praveen Bhushan indicated that he had a small amount of money with him, which he wanted to invest on electronic watches to buy from grey market and sell them to his known circle of friends. He wanted to make a few rupees profit as there were several employees in his company who would purchase such watches.

After analysing Bhushan Rao’s case, Dr. N Rajgopal came to a conclusion that he lacks cosmic colour Blue and this can be transmitted to him through the miracle Gemstone called Yellow Sapphire or Golden Topaz or Yellow Topaz. Thus, once his identified colour hunger was quenched he would become a knowledgeable person with acquisition of suitable qualifications and would enjoy the divine intervention of unknown and attain education, knowledge, wisdom etc., leading to Power and Everlasting fame.

Accordingly, Dr. N Rajgopal advised Bhushan Rao to spend a small amount of money from his uncertain electronic watch business to buy a Gemstone, Yellow Sapphire which could change his way of life itself. Bhushan Rao readily agreed and invested for the Gemstone Yellow Sapphire. He made a gold ring and on specific advice from Dr. N Rajgopal wore it on his right hand ring finger as guided by MindScope.

In the next six months, Bhushan Rao’s climbing the success ladder started with the first stroke of rejection of his promotion by the company. Bhushan Rao was retained in the same clerical post owing to his poor qualification while his colleague’s moved up to management cadre. Shattered by this, Bhushan Rao again approached Dr. N Rajgopal expressing his displeasure that even after wearing the suggested Gemstone Yellow Sapphire selected by MindScope. Dr. N Rajgopal, quietly advised Bhushan Rao to continue with Gemstone Yellow Sapphire as his growth prospects has in fact started with the above annoying incident. He was advised to pursue his studies. Bhushan Rao joined a university and in three years passed B.A in first class under Open University system. Encouraged by his own strength and obtaining of graduation, Bhushan Rao joined LLB by getting an admission to an evening college. Simultaneously he was also promoted to the management cadre. Today Bhushan Rao is a BAR council member and is a designated senior advocate. He is also holding prominent position in various associations relating to legal fraternity.