Every morning when we look at a newspaper coloured with the sufferings of this world or tune to some new channels filled with the gloom and pain of all. The only feeling we get is how much our world is filled with gloom and doom. Our own life is filled with such hectic schedule that even the thought of having happy moments in every waking moment of our life, seems a long lost dream that only a fool can see. But the question we should be asking ourselves is whether it is really a fool’s dream that can never be achieved in reality? The answer is a big NO. Many say that happiness is not that far-fetched dream that can never be achieved; in fact, happiness is something that lies within us. Also some feel that a contended or a successful person can say so; whereas a non-successful person needs to seek happiness outside and in material things, till at least he or she reaches that state of growth either materialistically or spiritually. In such a scenario, all we need to do is find the key to unlock that port which is stopping us from living a happy life. In reality, in all the hustle and bustle, many of us usually forget how important living a happy life is; it not only makes us feel alive but keeps us healthy and rejuvenated. Lost in our own negativity, feeling all doom and gloom, we often forget the importance of happiness and its positive impact on our life.

Why is Happiness so Important?

Though we often neglect to cultivate our own happiness, but the feeling of being happy is completely and intrinsically important to all of us. Being happy is not an option but a necessity that always brings a knock on effect along with added benefits. This feel of happiness always helps us in becoming a better person and to become more compassionate and feel healthier in both emotional and physical platform. It always feels good to be around a person who is always smiling and carries an aura of positivity with them, as they are not only fun but witty, creative and know how to spread the smile and make others laugh with their constant wittiness. “Happiness is the base key to a financially successful life as well”. If the above sentence is understood well, the person can be said to be closer to a treasure in disguise. Then seeking happiness outside and in material things will also become easy.

We live in a society filled with people who love and care about us, these people are our friends, partners, families and work colleagues with whom we interact daily and our one smile can brighten their day as well. This way we are not the only person to be happy but we are spreading it to others as it is correctly said that smile is very contagious and can make even a crying person laugh. In reality one can experience this with people around them. One will realize that the habit of being happy is like a domino effect, where the first domino is always you and your aura makes others happy as well.

But most of the time, knowingly or unknowingly, we get so wrapped-up in our own issues and troubles that we forget what even smiling feels like and thus we forget the importance of happiness. For all these gloom we blame our problems but expert and the best Astrologer Dr. N Rajgopal and experts at fematta.com,who have seen and experienced in and out of the life, have revealed that the main reason behind these gloom and doom is the Colour Hunger. And it is due to this very reason, that one or the other person falls prey to. It has been seen that usually even the person himself doesn’t realize that he or she is suffering from the Colour Hunger because of which they lose all happiness in their life. In this context, certainly not all Astrologers can provide you with remedies and Gemstones that can extinguish these Colour Hunger from one’s life, although there are many Gemstones that if get suited with the colour combination of the person then can give the person a life filled with immense happiness and success.

For past thousands of years, Gemstones have been used by the ancient civilizations for releasing physical, mental as well as spiritual abuttal that stops us from leading a happy life. These Gemstones help in bringing colour equilibrium of the seven rays of light that affect all aspects of human life.

Dr. N. Rajgopal is one such Astrologer who has dedicated his whole life to serving the people in distress. Dr. N. Rajgopal is a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, but in past used to work in different MNC’s just like many of us. With time he realized his true potential and finally joined the path he was always made for, the path of Astrology and spirituality with the blessings of God and his preceptor SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. With the gift of MindScope bestowed by his preceptor SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji, he very well understands the need for happiness in one’s life. So, if you are finding your life too stressful with darkness all around, then hold the hand of Dr. N. Rajgopal and let him be the guide of your life, lighting your path through the tunnels of darkness to a world filled with immense happiness. Dr. N. Rajgopal is not like any other Astrologer as he doesn’t need any kundali/birth chart to know the Colour Hunger the person is suffering from but a simple photo of that person can help in performing that miracle. Through a simple photo, he can find the root to all problems and provide remedies along with Gemstones to help enhance the happiness in the person’s life.