Is there any person in this world who can live and survive without money? Who doesn’t seek the grace of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera to bestow them with immense wealth? We work constantly, sweat out and walk in Sun, to get a job so that on the first of each month we can hold those green coloured papers in our hands and feel the utmost bliss.

There is no existing human being who doesn’t need money in their life as in today’s world, for any person, money has emerged as the basic requirement. We all have heard many diplomatic words at some or other phase of our life, such as, ‘With Money, you can’t buy everything’ but let’s be practical. Certainly there are things which money can never buy, but the truth is money can buy you almost everything. Things that money can’t buy for you, at least it makes sure to ease the way for you to get it. From time and again, money has proved its worth by solving many problems for us. Giving charity brings happiness and satisfaction to many and without money one cannot achieve this satisfaction. It is also a true fact that money brings peace of mind to a greater extent.

Wondering How?

Let’s take an example; if you start losing your money, won’t you lose your peace? Of course, you will and if you start getting a constant inflow of money then you will be surely getting a peaceful sleep at night.

To get a constant inflow of money, with a stable financial state, the first thing that comes to our mind is to please Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and seek her blessings. For that, most people start worshipping her from the day of Deepawali and continue worshipping her for the complete circle of forty-eight days without breaking it. But these rituals are hectic and they take up most of our time. We cannot break them half the way for fear something bad could happen. As we, human always have the habit of taking the easier route, the second method to strike our mind is by pleasing the Lord Kubera, as he is the lord of Wealth and if pleased, he bestows the worshipper with immense Gold and luxuries of life. But how to please him is the question that is often left unanswered for most.

With all these importance associated with Money, Astrology also knows its value and has dedicated a whole section solely to finances. In Astrology there exist various remedies and Gemstones to reduce the Colour Hunger in human being which many do not know. It is these colour hungers that badly affects our financials and bring-in all sorts of worries, troubles, failures, losses and lack of focus in any area leading to loss of name, fame, peace, prosperity, happiness and satisfaction.

Colour Hunger is something that anyone can face, but it has not been precisely recognized by any Astrologer except Dr. N Rajgopal, whose services are exclusively available to For centuries, Gemstones, apart from other remedies, have been used for increasing the overall level of prosperity and wealth building in abundance. There exist various Gemstones that hold the power to enhance the inflow of money. You can simply use these Gemstones as finger rings, for spell casting or can wear it all the time. But it is also important that the Gemstones that you are using is not only a natural Gemstone but also a suitable one and also not a synthetic or dyed stone as it can bring bad fortune in place of bringing good fortune.

A natural Gemstone helps in changing the vibration around the person, diminish Colour Hunger and bring-in good luck.

Hence, if you are also struggling with money related issues then consult Dr. N. Rajgopal immediately, who is a direct disciple of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Although, in the past, Dr. N. Rajgopal worked in various MNC’s but later he was drawn into this potential occult science. Through this crucial decision, as guided by his Guru Mahavatar Babaji, Dr. N Rajgopal joined the flow of the science of Astrology purely guided by spirituality and since then has been soothing the pain of many damsels in demise. All those approaching will be blessed to get their best Gemstone which would drastically change their life towards the positive side of comforts and satisfaction.