Gemstone for Marriage

Remarriage-Happiness in married life-Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone

This incident is a classical case to show how a small piece of natural Gemstone if it matches with the required colour requirement of the person can change the destiny forever. The suitable Gemstone for Marriage was aptly selected through a divine force called MindScope with guidance of the living Himalayan master Mahavatar Babaji. Yes, a Turquoise Gemstone studded in a silver ring worn on a specific finger had brought relief for Srividya in the form of remarriage. It is said about this particular Turquoise Gemstone that if given with love it can bring good fortune leading to happiness.

Lalitha from Chennai contacted Dr. N Rajgopal with the photo of Srividya. She explained that Srividya is 28 years old lady married to Ramkumar who died in an accident leaving behind a 6 year old boy child. Srividya’s sister-in-law was Lalitha who wanted to initiate a second marriage for Srividya to unburden her own family as well as to give relief and financial independence to Srividya. As several search with matrimonial service providers and other sources were yielding no result she approached Dr. N Rajgopal. Lalitha feared that the chances of Srividya’s marriage could diminish if Srividya’s son grows older. Hence Lalitha and her husband were keen to ensure early marriage which was not happening. They wanted a straight solution and were not keen on consultation, report etc. They had remitted the charges quoted by Dr. N Rajgopal and requested him to conceive the remedies as quickly as possible. As per their statement Srividya was ready to comply with performing any simple rituals associated with the remedy. MindScope study revealed certain critical areas to Dr. N Rajgopal based on which remedies were conceived, which included a natural Gemstone blue Turquoise studded in a silver ring to be worn on right hand index finger. The remedies were sent and then there was no news of the second marriage or otherwise for about 4 years.

After 4 years, Dr. N Rajgopal visited a marriage function in Trichy in which incidentally he happened to sight Srividya with a 2 year old female child and her elder son. As there was no meeting point or introduction between Dr. N Rajgopal and Srividya, Dr. N Rajgopal could remember her only through her photo. By going to her proximity he could also ensure that her name was Srividya. Later in the marriage function after knowing about Dr. N Rajgopal through some other person she met him and profusely thanked him for bringing about the change in her life through her remarriage. She also introduced her husband to Dr. N Rajgopal.

The suitability of Gemstones is the most important factor for success in undertakings, as any randomly chosen Gemstone will not give desired favourable results.

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