With the fast moving life, usually, the years of knowledge and wisdom that we inherited from our elders is ignored in the name of modernization and fashion. Even if someone doesn’t agree that the Sun rises in east and sets in the west that won’t change the truth, the Sun will keep rising in east and setting in the west. Similarly, however, if someone keeps denying supernatural powers and the effects of Astronomical bodies, that surely won’t lessen its effect on one’s life. Ultimately, it is the placement of planets in one’s Kundli or Horoscope that rules the way their life will turn out to be. From health and careers to marriage and children, these planets rule every aspect of human life. Though Astrology is one of the most misconceived concepts; to understand it, the person not only needs the proper knowledge on Planets and Stars besides mathematical precision but certain amount of Wisdom and God’s grace is equally important. An astrologer with partial knowledge about the movement of Planets could give partial remedies or randomly a Gemstone, which can prove to be even more disastrous, when applied to the native.

Out of the nine planets described in in Vedic Astrology, planet Mangal or Mars or Kuja or Chevvai is said to be the fiercest and cruelest planet. Hence, it won’t be a much difficult task to deduce that if this Planet placed in a wrong house can create the greatest havoc in one’s life; but what most people don’t know is the fact that Mars is responsible planet for the person’s Marriage and the life that would follow, so the greatest havoc that it creates is in the person’s marriage. Wrong placement of Mangal Graha in one’s horoscope is known as Manglik Dosh or Kuja Dosh, Angaraka Dosh, or Chevvai Dosham. Manglik Dosh is said to be the most frequently found Astrological drawback or Dosh. In a Manglik person, the Mangal Graha is seen to be located in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 8th. And it is said that if remedies are not done for this Dosh then the partner of Manglik person can face disastrous casualties and the Manglik person can fall prey to widowhood. Pathetically, due to ignorance, in many cases people give scant regard to Manglik Dosh. It is seen that in many cases while filling the matrimonial profile, the native writes as does not matterin on respective column. But, once some catastrophe happens after the marriage for any reason, they ascribe the reason to Manglik. Some misguided people also look for bride or groom with similar dosha and invite troubles.

If you are also a Manglik person then forget the fear of Manglik Dosh. No more marriages will be broken or rejected on the name of Manglik Dosh, no more people will lose their partners because of this vicious planet Mars. The expert MindSope Astrologer has the ability to check various other vital parameters and provides genuine and right set of remedies that can reduce the intensity to create any future problems, if not completely nullify the effects, Manglik Dosh. In many cases, a well selected Gemstone can do the miracle of quick and safe marriage for the feared native whether it is bride or bride groom. Dr. N. Rajgopal is a well-known MindScope Astrologer and his family holds its deep roots in Astrology since the time of Tanjore Maharaja and his samasthana as his forefathers were their Royal Jyotishas. He almost nullifies the effects of the so called bad luck of Mangal Dosh. MindScope summarizes and recognizes these feared concepts Mangalik Dosh also as a sort of Colour Hunger. Thus a Gemstone, well selected through the photo of the person itself can solve the problems in many cases.

Dr. N. Rajgopal, one of the direct disciples of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji, though has worked in many MNC’s was ultimately drawn in to the divine science of Astrology and spirituality for providing suitable solutions to suffering people through the God’s Grace. Thus he has also gained the knowledge of these subjects besides getting the gift of MindScope from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Those who are in trouble on any reason and on any area of life approach for help and find solution through Gemstones or other remedies.