Training, industrial knowledge, and experiences are key ingredients for any person’s success but it’s their personal traits that turn them into great leaders. People usually claim that the best leaders possess the brains that are weirdly different from the most crowds. This theory is not as baloney as it appears to be.

Then what is? What is the simplest theory to prove that any person can be a leader even if they don’t possess a weird mind? Is leadership hereditary? Or do they really take all prospective options into account that can help a person develop as a leader?

Who doesn’t love to be in authority, in fact, everyone desires to be in complete control and power? It is commonly assumed that great leaders are born great. So what if someone is not born great yet dream of becoming a great leader, can’t they become leaders?

There are many accords which define the probability of a person rising as a political leader or someone who holds political influence, but among all, the luck factor holds the highest importance. Every person suffers from Colour Hunger, which if not corrected can prove to be the biggest obstacles in the path of success for any person. This Colour Hunger can only be corrected through a gemstone that is well selected.

In this universe many Gemstones exist and that too of many colours, each holding importance and value in their own individual ways. But not all Gemstones can suit everyone as from person to person the effects of Gemstones vary immensely. From example, it is commonly believed that the red Ruby is worn by people who desire for power and authority. The commonly assumed Gemstone used to boost the authority skills of a person includes Sunstone or Heliolite, Alexandrite, and Red Ruby out of which Red Ruby is considered to be the most prominent of all.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Ruby Gemstone:

Red Ruby is said to be the Gemstone of Lord Sun, the source of life and strength. Sun is the representative of dignity, boldness, courage, ambition, authority father, and kind-heartedness. A person whose Sun factor is weak is usually recommended to wear the gemstone, Ruby.

A person suffering from the Colour Hunger of Sun usually has a very unstable professional life and lacks in skills of good decision making. These people are least recognized by others, however hard they try, as well they don’t have a good social standing and are least successful even after loads of efforts. Colour Hunger of Sun can cause problems like blood pressure, bilious nature, irregular heartbeat, cardiac problems, and hemorrhage etc.

The above recommendation of Ruby Gemstone or a Gemstone for the planet Sun would be a standard suggestion to any person seeking power and authority, by an Astrologer who does not understand concept of colour hunger. But MindScope sees the dreams and aspirations of a person from a wholly different perspective namely colour hunger. Unless the person lacks the colour red it does not make any sense in suggesting or recommending a Ruby Gemstone to that person. Moreover, the selected Gemstone must also match the individual’s vibrations. The knowledge and usage of Gemstones are extremely complex and until and unless the Astrologer you are seeking guidance from does not have complete in-depth knowledge the partial gemstones remedy can prove to be disastrous.

Dr. N. Rajgopal is the direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, and though has worked in multiple MNC’s; ultimately he got drawn to the divine science of Astrology and spirituality to soothe the suffering people through the God’s Grace by providing suitable solutions. Apart from the wisdom of Astrology and Spirituality he has also attained the knowledge of various other subjects as well including the extraordinary gift of MindScope from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. People who lacking self-confidence and leadership skills or facing any other trouble in any phase of life can approach him for help and find a solution and that too by using the photo of the person and by providing the solutions through Gemstones and other remedies.