Relationships can be of various forms but when it comes to the comparison of business, relationships and personal relationships, at least there exists one significant way differing these two and that difference typically comes premeditatively. The interest of any person is based more on the position of the person. Let us consider a few examples. We look at the Power centers such as a Minister, Commissioner, President, HR Director, CFO, CEO etc. rather than looking at the persons like Rohan, Rajan, Priya and so on who occupy such Power center posts. This is because, in Business or Government, we seek people or more specifically those positions that can work in our favour and who have the power to influence.

However, when it comes to personal relationships they are usually accidental as they depend on personal attraction and not on power or influence. In a personal relationship the focus lies on knowing the person for who they are and it is absolutely wrong to say that one relationship can’t morph to other as they frequently do.

Power of Position

The aura of a person gets highly influenced by the role or position he or she is controlling and that same position indicates the power they possess irrespective of the fact that how they are exercising it. It is the function of the person holding the position to decide what influence they want to make. So the question that arises here is: Does all position having the same nametag behaves similarly or they holds different aura around them? The answer is obviously a BIG NO. Same positions in different companies do not hold same values. To understand this properly, it is important to learn that usually position is used apposite to power whereas, influence is apposite to people.

Power is a statutory term though it’s highly contextual. For example, in any company CEO holds the most prominent position and wields the Powerful role. But, the role of CIO changes from one type of industry to another, for e.g. in an IT sector, CIO will be very powerful, whereas in a transportation company Logistics Manager will be more important than the CIO.

There are many characteristics that influential people possess, such as;

  • They are reliable

  • They are exceptionally bright and clever

  • They are unselfconscious

  • They possess self-confidence

  • They are decisive in nature

  • Possess integrity

  • Have the attribute of being self-motivated

  • They get least influenced by others

The soul of power lies with willpower, which is defined as a personal attribute termed as self-discipline, where the person gets a control over one’s self, and conduct. Willpower is the secret to one’s success and a person can feel the need to attain willpower for anything likely, willpower to control from indulging in gambling, junk foods, alcohol etc. Or one can need willpower to avoid negativity from life and move with a positive attitude. With the growing need to attain Power, many people start taking advice from various Astrologers. But, in many cases, neither the Astrologer nor the seeker, know that the root cause is the Colour Hunger in that person. In the spectrum of life, it is the Colour that can give or take one’s Power.

There exist many crystals and Gemstones for aiding the Power/ WillPower in a person. For example, scarlet colored Gemstones are usually recommended for enhancing willpower. The reason behind using scarlet Gemstones is that scarlet is a combination color of red and orange colors that is, it combines the pure energy of Red rays with the colour Orange making it the joy of Orange rays means nullifying the Colour Hunger of that person in required proportion to achieve his or her aspirations and realizing the dreams in to a reality. It is, therefore, important that before a person wears any Gemstones, they should get it checked by some God gifted Astrologer. But in this world filled with most fake people, it becomes really difficult to distinguish between fake and real people. If you are also finding yourself in one such Déjà vu, then feel relieved as Dr. N. Rajgopal is one such gifted person. He is also a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, and has previously worked in various MNC’s; but ultimately got drawn to the divine science of Astrology and spirituality to soothe the weariness of people. He is also gifted with the knowledge of MindScope bestowed on him by the blessings of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Many people have found solace and cure from his remedies and still more are seeking his help regularly. So, if you are also suffering from low willpower or seek those power and influence for yourself, then come and be blessed with his remedies as he finds the root of problem by just using the photo of the person and then he would provide the right solutions through Gemstones and other various remedies, as guided by the world renowned MindScope