Our conduct or behaviour is very important while interacting with people in family and society at large. At times certain personal behavioural pattern can cause strained relationship at home or at work and lead to loss of respect and also halt professional growth. This situation faced by Daniel Eguakum was rectified by use of Gemstone for Professional Growth and solution for Protection from Evil Attacks through Gemstones.


Daniel Eguakum was an industrial engineer of Nigerian origin but living in London. He had migrated to London for job about 10 years back. He was posted as an industrial engineer in a prominent company which was a very respectable job. Unfortunately, off late he was not commanding respect on the job front and his promotion or progress in the company was snubbed. This was not to be blamed on others but to himself for his own actions. His relationship with most of his peers’ superiors had been strained. He himself was not able to answer how from being a star performer and having good rating for his behavioural aspect he had drifted to such low level in a matter of 4-5 years.


He had explained that 3 years after coming to London his wife passed away in Nigeria due to sudden fever, leaving behind their only son who was eight years old. In fact he was planning to bring his wife and son to London but the situation was different in the hands of Almighty. After attending to her funeral he had left his only son with his in-laws keeping in mind the well-being and education of the child under the full time guardianship of grandparents. Daniel Eguakum had been regular in sending part of his earning to his in-laws to support them as well as for education and wellbeing of his son. The trouble started when his son passed out and became eligible for admission to a college. Daniel Eguakum wanted to seek admission in a better college in UK. With this primary objective he went to Nigeria to bring back his son.


He was shocked to know that his son has been trained and brought up in such a way that he started hating his father and neither he nor the grandparents were ready to send him along with Daniel Eguakum to London. A heated argument led to friction between them and Daniel Eguakum had to come back empty handed. Ever since he came back from Nigeria he had experienced a sort of fear sometimes and revenge taking rough attitude at other times. During the time of fluctuating mind his behaviour towards his others in the organisation had become a great concern not only for him but even for the people working around him. Not only his professional progress was in jeopardy but his very survival in the organisation was becoming a big question mark.


Daniel Eguakum approached Dr. N Rajgopal explaining that he feels a very serious black magic attack has been aimed at him. He is not able to get sleep and most of the time he awakens within one hour of going to bed. He experienced a sort of hundreds and thousands of arrows being aimed at his body continuously bombarding, bringing in a kind of threat and untold agony. He could see several red spots on his body which would vanish after taking salt water bath. His case was taken up and several remedies were sent to him. One of the very prominent remedy sent to him was two pieces of Gemstones, one for his neck another for his small finger. A well selected Lapis Lazuli Gemstone for protection fromevil attacks and fear of death was guided by MindScope to be worn as pendant around the neck. A second Gemstone Blue Sapphire was prescribed to be worn mounted on a silver ring for his small finger of right hand.


There was a change of mind and attitude from his son and his in-laws that he would accompany him to London for higher studies. With great hope Daniel Eguakum went to Nigeria after performing all the remedial measures. But unfortunately on arrival at Nigeria he lost all the remedies in the baggage. However, these two gemstones viz. Lapis Lazuli around his neck and Blue Sapphire on his small finger were safe. Although some hurdles and friction was faced by him in convincing his in-laws he was able to bring back his son within a matter of 3 months and admitted in a college for which he had made the payments well in advance.


After a few days the attacks started from the same source where he suspected. With the intervention of Dr. N Rajgopal in sending him a mirror image of the remedies already used by him saved Daniel Eguakum and his son remained with him. Now, Daniel Eguakum has his own enterprises in London with good earning and professionally marching towards prosperity and satisfaction. All his fears related to black magic has subsided and over a period of time vanished. Thus, the two Gemstones  Lapis Lazuli and Blue Sapphire, in addition to other specific Vedic remedies, have changed the life of Daniel Eguakum.