Improving your position in Society

Respect- is this just a word or it holds greater depth to itself? Is it just a term or it’s a whole world wrapped in itself?

Well, if the truth is told, for some people respect is just a mere word but for others, it has got more meaning than life itself. For different people “Respect” means differently depending on their culture or thinking. But whatever is the culture or section of society yet every society has defined in itself the meaning of this beautiful term “Respect”. In Indian culture, we have the tradition of touching the feet of our elders, bowing in front of God, there are many variances of traditions wrapped in the Indian culture spreading its essence everywhere and that is the way by which we Indians show respect towards others.

Whatever be the definition of respect for any person, it is usually associated with experience, character, and ethics. The teachings of respect usually start from a very early age and keep developing with time. During initial age it's our parents, teachers, and elders who guide us on the path of respecting others but as the years roll we develop our own sense of whom to respect and whom not to.

During youth and adult life, we develop respect for our teachers, batch mates, coaches, and fellow teammates. The people we work with and work for, we develop the intuition of respecting them because of their knowledge and experiences. Sometimes we respect a position even though we don’t want to respect the person sitting on that chair, such as federal officials, CEOs or CFOs.

Respect is something that is earned with years of hard labour and sacrifices, starting its foundation during the days of youth and then integrating it into one's personality. For example, a person needs to learn to be a good listener then moving forward to be a good contributor leading the way to a great leader.

But what makes “respect” so important? Respect is the base to a successful career and works as a charm to move from one stage of responsibility and leadership to another. As we can easily assume that respect is the most important integrant of any person’s life but the most unfortunate reality associated with it is that even though it takes years to build respect but a mere minute is enough to abolish it and ruin the hard work of years. Just imagine a scenario, you planted a mango plant and spent years in taking care of it but when the time came for it to give fruits you realized that bugs have eaten the whole plant. How devastated you would be!

These are the reasons that make people fearful of something unknown and because of which they start trying various Gemstones and seek help from Astrologers.

Be it the constant sword of disrespect hanging on the head of any person, or the fear of respect being mixed into the mud, it all comes because of ColourHunger. Let us understand what this Colour Hunger is? As everything in this universe is made up of colour so also the human body and its being. Human beings are made up of colours, nurtured by colour and ultimately destroyed by colours. Like how a spotless milky white sheet of paper becomes dull with just a touch of some dirt, the human body also loses its vital colour for obvious reasons; and when this happens, anger, ego, failures, fear, ignorance, jealous, sickness, weakness etc., surfaces within us threatening to unseat us from the place of glory. This ColourHunger, though never noticed by most Astrologers but it is never missed from the wistful eyes of great Astrologer Dr. N. Rajgopal who is a direct disciple of Himalayan Master MahavatarBabaji. Like any others, though he spent years working in various MNCs but his soul always resided with this ultimate science of Astrology, and he got drawn into the divine world of Astrology. Having had a sip of spirituality from the divinity, he helps to soothe the weariness of people. Dr. N. Rajgopal is a gifted person with the grace of God and has immense knowing through MindScope which was bestowed upon him from his almighty teacher SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. If you are also living in this kind of constant fear, then remove this burden and seek the blessings of Dr. N. Rajgopal through the remedies like a well selected Gemstone which would take care of all Astrological needs and be assured of a complete satisfied solution.