Love is one such feeling that is felt by each and every living being present on this earth. It shouldn't come as a surprise when we say love exists in living beings because it is absolutely wrong to say that only humans feel love and affection. Whether it is plants, animals or birds or for that matter any creature with life on this earth, all have been acquainted with this strange phenomenal feeling called LOVE.

But what exactly is love?

As beauty cannot be defined, love is also a unique feeling that can never be described in a single statement, but surely can be characterized as a sense of attachment or affection that one feels towards someone or something. Love is one of the strongest feelings present in this world, which holds the capability of turning the whole world around. The love we are discussing here is between a male and his prospective female part or vice versa who would be partners in life, as the love between mother and son/ daughter or father and son / daughter, between sisters and brothers or between sisters and between brothers, between friends etc., are viewed in a different connotation.

We all fall in love at one or another phase of life and this love is something that changes our world completely, motivates us to become a better version of ourselves. But what would happen that even after falling head over heels in love, we still fail to convert it into a long lasting relationship due to external factors? Even a mere thought is enough to make us shudder and give goosebumps because no one wants to live without their better halves.

Love teaches us many lessons, the lesson of sacrifice, the lesson of putting your love at top of the priority list and to make the loved ones the happiest person present on this planet; to fulfill each and every wish and desires of them. But, Alas! One thing that love never teaches us is how to live without that person with whom we are in love with every fiber present in our body.

The fear of losing our beloved keeps eating us day and night, the fear whether our families and this society will agree for continuation of this relationship or not. But fear no more as one way of Astrological path guided by the famous Astrologer Dr. N. Rajgopal will help you in getting happiness and satisfaction in love. Since ages Gemstones have been used for bringing success to people's life. Through the unique science of MindScope and understanding and recognizing the fact of Colour Hunger, you will be shocked to see the positive changes witnessing your life. "MindScope" is one of the most unique guidance to Babaji's disciple Dr. N Rajgopal. He uses this gift from Babaji to help mankind. The uniqueness of this gift is that the planetary afflictions, deficiencies or adverse conjunctions or colour hunger can be traced or marked within minutes, without the aid of Horoscope / birth chart details, but just by touching the Photo of the individual. In cases where people cannot afford high cost Astrological / Vedic remedies, Dr. N Rajgopal helps them with simple natural Gemstones to heal the individuals from the diseased conditions or to uplift them from deteriorated financial position to prosperity. Many failed and dropped-out cases have responded well to the natural Gemstones selected and given by Dr. N Rajgopal through unique MindScope. It is astonishing that the Gemstones are selected just by a passport photo and no other details of the individual are required, other than their aspiration, desires, and problems to be solved.