When a person invests his/her hard earned money in any field of business the first and foremost thought in his/her mind is “Success in Business”. Whether one starts off on a new journey of either earning a living through business or desires to make a mark in their respective business field, there is nothing comparable to sane advice and guidance from a man of wisdom and experience. It is then left to the individual how they take the guidance and put it to maximum use and come out with flying colours in their field of business. Which line of business to invest in, whether existing business is suitable or not, any modification in style or technique of operation if necessary, inclusion or exclusion of certain products etc., play a very important part in guidance and advice for creating a strong business strategy. Apart from the above, there could be certain planetary afflictions which cause certain hurdles in the smooth transaction of business. These could be rectified by taking proper remedial measures, which include Gemstones to rectify the colour hunger. Many are novice to the concept Colour Hunger. Colour hunger is one of the primary cause for hurdles in business, slack business, cash flow crunch, lack of liquid cash build-up etc.

This particular “rags to riches” case revolves around a young man named Ketan having great dreams to make it big in the field of Jewellery business and that too in anew township far away from his village. In fact the boy moved from an unknown village of one State to another unknown village of another State. The new village was just beginning to become an urban centre. Ketan and a few of his friends and cousins travelled from their hometown and reached the new township with an aim to make it big in life. With the limited capital in hand, each of Ketan’s friends and cousins ventured into different trades like electrical, hardware, clothing, bedding, furniture, utensils, novelties etc. Ketan put up a jewellery shop where he would sell gold and silver items purchased from wholesalers. Even after two years had passed by Ketan had to be content with only bare minimal sales sufficient enough only for his daily needs. Once on a visit to Bangalore to meet his friends on vacation, Ketan happened to have a chance meeting with Dr. N Rajgopal. After exchange of pleasantries, Ketan got to know more about Dr. N Rajgopal. He immediately requested Dr. N Rajgopal to analyse his case and help him to succeed in his business. Ketan’s case was analysed through MindScope and it revealed a lack of colour Red and certain other planetary afflictions. Ketan decided immediately to seek remedies for business growth. A beautiful Ruby Gemstone was selected by MindScope for Ketan and he was advised to wear it set in a Gold ring on his right hand ring finger. A suitable Ruby Gemstone has the ability to bring power, respect, wealth etc.

Ketan’s business started seeing slow and steady improvement with every passing day. Within a year, Ketan decided to bring in more funds through his cousin in the Gulf and expanded his shop by taking on rent the adjacent small vacant shop also. This addition resulted in massive increase in business for Ketan. Ketan’s cousin poured in more funds and they were able to buy an entire building of three floors for jewellery display. Today Ketan has assets worth more than 100 crore and is a leading jeweller in the State.