Games and Sports are the most important part of human life. They are not only vital for succeeding on the field, but holds equal importance in every walk of life. Games and sports are not confined in the domains of outdoor, but indoor as well as athletics, all are important components of games that complete its definition. Since ancient times, games have been an important and integral part of the education system and should always be given value in day-to-day life.

There's nothing that can minimize the importance of games and sports.

Sports are the best forms of exercises and help in building fine physique for all. Sports help a person to become mentally alert and stable as well as physically strong. In this fast paced life, mental stability and physical strengths are the biggest possession anyone can achieve, which shows the importance of sports in daily life. The additional benefit of sports is that it boosts the confidence level and makes them learn to cope with many difficult situations in life. These are just a few benefits associated with sports as the advantages of games are quite diverse.

But in spite of all these benefits, the career in sports is not an easy task to accomplish. Though a career in sports and games is a glorious path that brings with itself lots of spectacular trophies and credentials but a single failure can lead the path to devastation as well. Before even representing our Nation on the International platform, the athlete needs to be a star player and epitome of success at all lower levels. But even though the person is very good at sports at the time of presentation, knowingly or unknowingly they fail in giving their best performance. This failure can be because of any reason, whether be a mere bad luck, nervousness or fear of some unknown reasons that one cannot find in any of the books of sports skills and behaviors.

A person who thrives for succeeding in sports leaves no stone unturned as no one likes failure. But rarely any one knows that these failures come as unwelcome guests because of unknown practical reality called the “Colour Hunger” they have been suffering from. One has to know that the human body is made up of several layers or constituents in which light works as the primary component and light in itself is made from seven different rays. The seven rays are recognized as VIBGYOR or the seven cosmic Colours called Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Hence, if a person gets deficient in any of these rays then they are said to be suffering from “Colour Hunger”. Now the most astounding fact associated with Colour Hunger is that apart from one Astrologer, none has identified or can identify it. The normal Astrologers keep revolving around the old theories of planets and their effects. Suppose if a person is suffering from Typhoid and the doctor gives them the medicine of pneumonia then obviously the disease won't go away, in fact, the situation of the patient will worsen. So, it is better to get a correct diagnosis in the first place, and for that who could do justice better than the person who can recognize Colour Hunger in a single glance. The colour hunger is identified and quenched by the use of selected Gemstone by world renowned Astrologer Dr. N Rajgopal through a process called MindScope by just analyzing the Photo of the person. The selection is specific to person and the problem the person is facing in his or her life or the aspiration they carry to succeed in life.

Thus, the Gemstone that would come to you will be selected by Dr. N Rajgopal through the world famous MindScope, which has been proven beyond any doubt over the years. In MindScope, the passport photo of the concerned person is placed before Dr. N Rajgopal. Within a few minutes of touching the photo, he is revealed, among other things, about the correct colour hunger of the person. Then various Gemstones are placed and the one suitable for that person is selected. By this way, Dr. N Rajgopal has been helping the people for well over 30 years and all his clients are happy with high success rate. We at will ensure that each Gemstone is selected by Dr. N Rajgopal, through MindScope. Those who have high aspiration for success but are not able to cut the ice can opt the services of Dr. N Rajgopal through a best Gemstone by visiting