We are human and there are many problems that keep affecting our lives. Though many problems are easy to solve some remain unsolved, giving us constant sleepless nights. The most astonishing part is that consciously we never get to know why these problems still exist, although we have tried every possible way to find a solution.

There can be several unsolved problems, the problems that we can never imagine from where they arose or how they are still persisting. There are such problems that keep raising their head if we even get successful in shredding their head for once. We are never able to realize the source of these problems and unfortunately keep on blaming our luck and destiny. But the truth is, these problems are not arising because our luck or destiny is on some revenge mode with us, but because we are suffering from the Colour Hunger. The colour hunger also could entered in us through our undesirable emotions as envisaged in Hindu doctrine “Arishadvarga” are the six passions borne out of unfulfilled or dissatisfied mind called Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada & Matsarya popularly described as Lust, Anger, Greed, Illusion, Pride & Jealousy – disturbing our own self in many ways and ultimately dragging us towards failures, dissatisfaction, disillusioned, worthlessness etc.,

So what exactly is this Colour Hunger? The human body, as we all know is formed with different basic constituents of nature, such as air, water, earth, ether and space. But the most important of all is the light element which itself is formed of seven different rays of light. These rays are present in correct proportion with one another and if the proportion is even slightly imbalanced, we experience some unplanned, undesirable troubles in our life. This colour imbalance could be due to change in above mentioned emotions.

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