Irrespective of the fact that who we are or what we do, we all have an influence and also we are influenced. But what results we yield from that influence depends on us. Ultimately, it’s the result that matters the most.

An influence can be positive as well as negative. The impact of influence that we make can either be a haphazard byproduct of our life or it can be a true reflection of us that will help to lead and move forward to achieve something greater. So, once we start walking on the path of influencing others, with that we start feeling the need to woo others. So what exactly is wooing others mean? It is nothing but the ability to persuade others to follow or adopt an idea, attitude or action, it can also be called as creating such a charming impression that people feel compelled to follow your footsteps or pay heed to your wordings.

We see many people who without any effort become lovable of all but there exist many people who try their best, take all precautions, follow the leaders who are great at influencing all, they make no mistakes, yet they fail to impress the others.

We all thrive on the attention, the respect that makes us stand out from the rest. But most of all we desire for an impression that exists even after we are long gone and people keep remembering us.

But why does it this happen, why some people are so good at interacting with others, in winning them over, while there exists a whole lot who strives to have even a proper conversation with the outside world and that too without stuttering and stumbling over the words?

Our impression is something that gives us name, fame, and respect from all and helps to win the whole world with love and passion. But the same impression is responsible for bringing defame for many making the whole world dislike them and stand at miles apart.

Even after taking so many advices, following various books of psychologies, ultimately we know on the doors of Astrology but yet we usually fail in finding the answers to our question as to why we are failing at wooing people and winning over them. The lies in the simple understanding that you are suffering from a Colour Hunger that is adamant on perishing your success or influencing or being influenced and find great joy in seeing you suffer and fail.

As discussed elsewhere, we, humans or any other objects living or otherwise, are made up of seven rays of light. If any of the rays gets deficient, then the person is said to be suffering from a Colour Hunger, which makes the person not to perform and bring satisfactory output with his or her full potentials. Thus the person is chased by failures, delays, hurdles, obstructions, losses etc., Unfortunately, this fact is not known to many regular Astrologers as they are engrossed in the generic theories 1, 5 9 house lords, benefic planets, malefic planets, etc., and do not go beyond ready reckoner available in the market. Thus they keep on rotating on the axis of Kundalis or Horoscope, Planets or Stars and give remedies, unselected Gemstones that are of least help. Such Astrologers fail to recognise the vital issue of Colour Hunger the person is suffering from. This being the main reason, there is no point in blaming the planets, starts, or the Kundali and horoscopes or for that matter the Astrologers in general. The failure is due to approaching the problems with a predetermined focus or not rising to the occasion of specifics. One must understand that searching a solution for a specific problem from a generic solution would not produce any successful results, but on the other hand could lead to losing instead of winning.

But lucky, for you there is one Astrologer who knows the in and out of this very Colour Hunger. Dr. N Rajgopal has established a system called MindScope under which he is blessed to get revelations from the immortal Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. He gets answers for various queries of the affected people. Just based on the photograph of the concerned person, he feels the experience of Babaji’s guidance. Even before studying the horoscope or knowing any details of the concerned person, Dr. N Rajgopal is able to mark the afflicted areas including the planets. All afflictions are precisely identified and suitable combined remedies are given in the form of Yantras, Mantras, Tavis, and Gemstones and other innumerable spiritual articles and methods. With this method, innumerable people have been benefited over the years and Dr. N. Rajgopal commands a success rate of almost 100% with all the clients being happy in one way or the other.