Gemstones in themselves hold the whole world of Remedies and Treatments. Even the famous Scientists would have to accept the power of Light and Colors as a person suffering from Colour Hunger struggles in multiple ways in life. A line to highlight the importance of light and color is one from the book of Dr. Stephen Hawking named as ‘A Brief History of time’ – He says “The future development of medicine lies in treatments based on light and color”. This is precisely what the Gemstones do.

Gemstones produce abstruse quiver on all levels of one's life provided they are, Natural “Gemstones” and not mere stones. Since ages, mankind has been enchanted with the mystical healing powers of Gemstones. Our scriptures of Ancient Vedic times speak a lot about the Power of Gemstones and their healing properties. Even the Ayurveda holds no exception, this traditional Indian medicine methodology, has extensively mentioned the ways Gemstones are used for medicinal preparations. Some of the famous examples include; Praval Pishti is made from Red Coral, Muktha Pishti is prepared from Natural Pearl, Vajra Bhasma is formulated with the Diamond.

The human body is made up of Energy Centers commonly known as the Chakras and Gemstones, through the emission of colours, make the direct impact on them. These Gemstones prove to be extremely beneficial for healing the chakra / aura of the person hence eventually curing the Colour Hunger within them.

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Mother Nature makes the Gemstones which are usually colorful minerals. Though these Gemstones are extensively used in jewelry, but it's a wide belief that Gemstones in themselves carry immense power, supreme healing capacity that holds the caliber of altering the course of one's life. A Gemstone selected carefully brings with itself goodness and well-being, whereas, a wrong Gemstone can lead to chaos and confusion in life turning our whole world upside down.

Some of the benefits of Gemstones:

  • Helps in strengthening the nervous system
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Brings peace and calmness to the mindset
  • Bring stability to life.
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps to make right decisions through logical thinking
  • Makes the person positive minded.

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