Accident is never expected by anyone. We take it for granted, we go to hospital to visit a sick person known to us or we go to cremation ground to attend funeral of a relative or friend, we never realise that we could become sick or death could come to us one day. Similarly, no one even thinks of an accident until they become a victim themselves. When a person meets with an accident and an injury forces him/her to be on bed with fracture or dislocation of limbs or head injury etc. the life of that person goes backwards and he/she demoralises himself or herself. The person is put to untold hardships for medical treatment and copes up with regular expenditure without any income. He or she needs many attendants for help and to come out from the mental agony and trauma.

In case the accident kills the person then the family loses a vital member and all members are left in a lurch. Order of the day is transportation and communication. Unless we move around nothing happens. Vehicles and mobile phones are important parts of our daily life.

With increased socio-economic demand day in and day out the number of vehicles dumped on road is enormous and this adds untold rush on the road. With the current rate of vehicles moving on road, one has to manoeuvre in inches and centimetre distance. Locked-up traffic puts additional pressure on the individual to speed up the vehicle whenever they get an opportunity of free space. Any human error with the bad road conditions adding to the plight could play havoc in life.

Astrologically accident is signified by the dreaded Rahu, malefic Mars and Saturn and the ill houses of 8th and 12th from Lagna/Ascendant. The 6th lord placed in the 4th house could bring a deadly accident also certain Lagna’s like Libra/Tula or affliction of 4th lord or Venus being a malefic could trigger an accident, but in a busy world one will not have time to look into all such details of the intricacy of divine science astrology. Many victims or their relatives are also ignorant of the rules of Astrology as people approach Astrologers when they are in problems but not while buying a vehicle.

Gemstones are store-houses of cosmic power which have a control over planets. Specifically if a selected blemish free Amethyst Gemstone is used in a way guided by MindScope, the person can surely save himself/herself from major catastrophe in life journey. Not only this, the same Gemstone that is a well selected Amethyst Gemstone can also bring in luck in the form of bondage with loved ones, increase in material comforts, wealth and inflow of money besides various benefits and auspicious events.

Dr N. Rajgopal is one of the direct disciples of Mahavatar Babaji. He is India's reputed and much sought after Vedic Astrologer. He continuously channels his Guru, the Immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji. He helps people by solving various kinds of problems though Counselling, Astrological solutions, Medicines and Natural Gemstones. Solution to each case is given by him through a special divine method called "MindScope" which is a spiritual guidance from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. He is the only person in India who does this unique reading called "MindScope”. With his spiritual quest and dedication, Dr. N Rajgopal is guided by the Himalayan Master, immortal SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji.