When a marriage breaks it is not only the marriage that is breaking. It is not as simple a case where two persons are separating after knowing each other for a short span of time, but a case where it becomes suffocating to breathe without one’s spouse. For any family the psychological and emotional impact of divorce is said to be extremely painful. It's not only the Marriage that dies but along with it the plethora of hopes and dreams also die. It is truly said that the pain of broken relationships is more painful than the actual physical death as in the former one we know that there is finality.

There’s no use of sugarcoating this whole thing as divorce actually hurts like hell. There are rarely any life events that are more painful, traumatic and draining as the whole process of divorce, where one becomes two, two known strangers. It’s true that no one dies of heartbreak, but those people who have been unlucky in this whole love affair surely feels that death is better than living in such cases.

A breakup or divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally exhausting experiences to witness in one’s life. Whatever is the reason for the split, even if you didn’t want it to happen, it’s true that a divorce turns the whole world upside down for the affected persons. It riggers a plethora of emotions that is unsettling as well as painful too. With the grief of losing a loving relationship, come confusion, isolation and an unknown fear of future, which keeps eating us from inside.

But one thing is for sure, humans have always sought happiness and it is a fact that divorce hurts us. Humans cannot see themselves in pain and so want to be healed and keep themselves in wholesome wellness. Though the healing process may not be an easy one, but surely it’s better than living in the valley of despair. Humans have researched and found or have been revealed to certain ways to move ahead in their life, with the newfound optimism even after a heartbreaking divorce. The science of Astrology is one of the ways through which remedies can be provided to get over heartbreaks or break-ups.

We human are made from various rays of light and if any particular ray, that provided us with positivity and enthusiasm to keep moving forward in our life, starts lagging we find ourselves in gloom and despair that does not allow us to have the motivation to get over a broken marriage. This lacking of particular rays is known as Colour Hunger and should be treated immediately as it can take the person deeper into the saddening world of depression where the beautiful rays of the Sun never shine and are always wrapped in the cold sheets of darkest nights.

When colour hunger engulfs one, he or she could be led to a wrong guide, where the wrong guide would misguide the seeker. Due the reason of Colour Hunger the guide becomes a pseudo guide and for same reason of Colour Hunger, the seeker is pushed to the wrong Astrologer. When the tribe of pseudo Astrologers increase in the society there are chances for the non-believers to pass a sarcastic remarks that Astrology is fake and Astrologers are pseudo, the horoscopes are unscientific etc., not only the group of people who approach pseudo experts suffer, equally those fail to seek the advice of genuine experts like Dr. N Rajgopal also suffer.

Interestingly, in an article published in a prominent daily 28th March 2007 under topic “Zodiac can’t foretell relationships: Study” If you are looking for the perfect partner in life, forget about what the horoscopes, says a new British study. Researchers at Manchester University in northern Britain said they found no evidence of attraction between star signs and concluded that the zodiac had no impact on chances of marrying – or staying married. The findings of the study were released on Monday.

The investigation used census data from 2001 to analyze the birthdays of all 20 million husbands and wives in England and Wales. The study said no special compatibility was found between Star Signs. “If there is even the smallest tendency for Virgos to fancy Capricorns, or for Libras to like Leos, then we should see it in the marriage statistics,” he said.”

In fact, it is thrilling to ignore many critical factors of Astrology in selecting a “Boy for a Girl” or vice versa. But later when it comes to personal suffering, neither such pseudo experts nor the authors of such articles come for help. Hence a Wisdom filled approach is the need of the hour when it comes to Marriage that has to be enduring for happy living. If you are going through this difficult phase of life then Dr. N Rajgopal is the person who can help you in finding the light illuminating your life through various Astrological remedies and Gemstones.

Dr. N Rajgopal has established a system called MindScope under which he is blessed to get revelations from the immortal Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. He gets answers for various queries of the affected people. Just based on the photograph of the concerned person, he feels the experience of Babaji’s guidance. Even before studying the horoscope or knowing any details of the concerned person, Dr. N Rajgopal is able to mark the afflicted areas including the planets. All afflictions are precisely identified and suitably combined remedies are given in the form of Yantras, Mantras, Tavis, and Gemstones and other innumerable spiritual articles and methods. With this method, innumerable people have been benefited over the years and Dr N. Rajgopal commands a success rate of almost 100% with all the clients being happy in one way or the other.