Fear & anxiety is the most attenuating feeling any person can ever feel. Fear is something that not only stops us from being productive but holds the potential of stopping us in our tracks, making us unable to do even the simplest of tasks routine in nature and in many cases can even roll us back in our life.

It is truly said that the fear is one of the most destructive emotion existing in the wide spectrum of human emotions. It can devastate not only the emotion but the psyche of the person as well. And the society in which we live doesn’t provide much of help, in fact, in many cases the make the sense of fear amplified to a higher extent.

The most shocking fact about the human brain that most people are oblivious to is that love is not the emotion that affects the whole brain, but it is fear that doesn’t leave even a single inch of brain unaffected. Fear is the emotion that controls our thoughts, affects our actions, hence ultimately pushing us away from our goals and stops us from showing our true potential. Fear is a feeling that is no less than a buzz kill. Fear is the most destructive feeling that one can possess. To be the authentic, true version of oneself, one needs to rise above the fear and conquer it with full trust in oneself.

The biggest obstacles in our life are fear, and overcoming it means to get rid of the biggest burden to be dropped off the shoulder. Fear can appear for any reason, whether it is for some big interviews, fear of death, fear of failures, or some unknown fear that you can’t pinpoint the reason, there exist infinite reasons for fears. It is said that more people die due to a fear of snake bite than real snake bite. But whatever be the reason, it is extremely important to get rid of fear. Now, the biggest question to be asked is how to defeat the fear and get rid of it.

If you are also fighting a battle each day of yours that you keep constantly losing against the fear then fear no more, as Astrology knows how to make the fear go away. But the main reason because of which people fall prey to fear is because they are suffering from a Colour Hunger of one or more vital Colours. Whenever a person lacks, then some ray of light in their system in short and that indicates that they are suffering from a Colour Hunger. But unfortunately, no Astrologer can see this Colour Hunger a person is suffering from but you don’t need to worry anymore as Dr. N. Rajgopal is there to help you out. He is a renowned Astrologer and can figure out the Colour Hunger by simply touching the photo of the sufferer. He provides cures to all such problems through the Power of Gemstones and various other Astrological remedies.

Dr. N. Rajgopal is one of the direct disciples of Mahavatar Babaji. He is India's reputed and much sought after Vedic Astrologer. He continuously channels his Guru, the Immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji. He helps people by solving various kinds of problems though Counselling, Astrological solutions, Medicines and Natural Gemstones. Solution to each case is given by him through a special divine method called "MindScope" which is a spiritual guidance from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. He is the only person in India who does this unique reading called "MindScope”. With his spiritual quest and dedication, Dr. N Rajgopal is guided by the Himalayan Master, immortal SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji.