New Business Ideas

Once you decided to start or launch a New Business, there will be several New Business ideas pouring at your feet free of cost. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will volunteer to vomit their Business Ideas. All those ideas could most probably be their own jittered or failed ideas; or they could use you as their testing cum launch pad at your cost and resources.

Go to an expert who is called a Business Management Consultant, he or she would ask you to prepare a Competitors Analysis, Executive Summary, Financial Planning, Funding Plan, Human Resource Structure, Market Scenario, Marketing Plan, Product Details, Promoters’ Background, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, Your Mission, Your Vision etc.,

Another expert in the Business line would come forward to advise you to Analyse your Business, Arrange your funding, Choose Systems and Procedures for your Business, Complete your regulatory requirements, Draw steps to step-up your New Business, Evaluate your target customers, Give an attractive name to your New Business, Make a clear New Business Structure, Plan your funding needs, Select your Location and Site.

You would run here and there to accomplish your New Business ideas in to a reality. After a few days or weeks or months of toiling, you will have a satisfaction of having come to a crucial point of fulfilling aim of launching your New Business Idea.

Now, you would start dreaming about the launch day of your business the very next day, your product hitting the market the subsequent day and profit pouring into your kitty from the following days. But in reality, when all these do not materialise, you would do a dilly-dallying with so many permutation and combination on your venture. You would also burn several nights of your midnight oil and you would be puzzled to know that you are without any clues to your business not picking-up.

Why things do not happen as planned? Time and again, all business researched parameters have been re-analysed by many experts. The advice was based on the tested hypothesis supported by several practical case studies. But, yet the business is not picking up on the expected lines. What remains a million dollar clueless question is why things do not happen as planned?

It is reported that many New Business Ideas of Startup companies vanish without any beginning of the business having been recorded. It is reported that in 2015 there was some real irrational exuberance of start-ups when hedge funds and Venture Capitals were overwhelmed. They blindly invested and supported all internet businesses in India. In the subsequent year there was a sobering down trend. Software industry body NASSCOM also noted a 20 to 30 % reduction in funding.

Many Start-ups irrespective of the size, big or small, felt the impact of withdrawal pangs. Even established eCommerce companies like Flipkart were said to be struggling to raise funds. Another report gives alarming news that over one thousand start-ups are shut down in India in the current year.

As the reasons are many, again one will do a study and produce it as a special research paper on such failures. This could go on and on, but it has no help or solution for the new comers or to those struck having invested a sizable amount of money.

As no locks are made without a suitable key, no problems are without a solution. Like how you will have to find the right key for the lock to open, there are a few Wisdom driven Business Solutions with supported by world renowned time tested, divinely graced MindScope. Certainly seeking MindScope intervention would not be a superfluous step, but an indispensable Business necessity. It cannot be ignored that the MindScope revelations throw a powerful insight on the grey areas, not visible to others for obvious reasons.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is a very clear piece of 700 year old advice which states that it is more prudent to head off a disaster beforehand than to deal with it after it occurs.

One has to understand that as there is an invisible gravitation to pull and push, which scientist may call it as neither a push nor a pull, there is also an invisible grace of unknown, To each one of our efforts, there could be result or not. There could be negative result or a positive result. Similarly, the same efforts could bring a positive action to us and a negative impact on others or vice versa. In the arena of unknown called God, Almighty, Nature etc., everything is serious and everything is secret. It is not like exchanging a ticket for the cash. Result for every action is unknown and unpredictable, irrespective of how much ever you are technically strong or scientifically perfect.

Let us take the recent case of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s launch of GSAT-6A communications satellite on March 29, 2018. Initially it was claimed that the launch was successful. But rocket lost contact with the satellite on March 30. India lost contact with a communications satellite only days after the country launched the craft into space. Though ISRO says that recovery efforts are on-going, the failure is a loss, as the satellite was on course to normal operating configuration for the third and the final firing communication was lost.

If at all, someone could have discreetly asked a question to MindScope whether:

  1. Whether the launch of GSAT- 6A satellite would be success?
  2. Will it hit any technical snag before its launch?
  3. Will it achieve normal operating configuration as expected and bring full success?
  4. Will it bring success and complete its full life term as schedules in the space?
  5. Will there be any loss of the GSAT- 6A Satellite itself?
  6. Should we proceed on the launch date and time as scheduled? 

There are some people like Dr. N Rajgopal, who by doing MindScope can very well tell the probability of the success or failure of a mission. This would also more specifically apply to New Business Ideas. Just a set of Business Questions before the MindScope can alert and guide the by way of clarity from the divine. The divine in its own wisdom hides the answer; it reveals it partially or fully to a few chosen people.

Business Questions like:

  1. Will this be a Successful venture for me?
  2. Is my Start-ups borne out of irrational exuberance?
  3. Will my Start-ups have the patronage of hedge funds till we achieve success?
  4. Will my Start-ups have the patronage of Venture Capitals till we achieve success?
  5. Is the project report prepared by experts has any invisible and hidden risks?
  6. Is the name of the company chosen will bring success?
  7. Is the Brand name is success bringing one?
  8. Will I be hit by some unknown forces leading to failure?
  9. Will I face any legal hitch in launching the Business?

Would bring clarity in your Business Idea Launch leading to corrective actions on the way and ensure success. This process would go a long way in meeting any unpleasant surprise failures.

Therefore, approaching MindScope Business Solutions or raising a timely MindScope Business Questions is paramount important for converting your Business Ideas into writing your Business Success story.