Starting a Business

Before starting a business, certain basic steps are to be undertaken to ensure that the Business one intends to start begins well on a successful note. From a Management or Business perspective, one will be advised to consult relevant and respective experts in the field. The experts, in Business or Management, then draw all theories and hypothesis to be followed by the new entrepreneur. The innocent entrepreneur would be starting a Business much on the models of the direction provided by these experts. He or she puts all the might, time, energy etc., by taking a financial risk in the hope of a good reasonable profit. His/her dreams of a potentiality in the market for the products, ideas, concepts initiative.

 In a fast-moving materialistic world, anything that is tangible or a thing which has a certificate from the so-called experts alone is believed. Not all the certificates by experts succeed. Many may not know several of such certificates, high ratings, claims, awards or photographs with high profile celebrities are sponsored by one or the other agencies for a gain. It is not only fooling the innocent but also misguiding the seekers who come to start a business with high aspirations.

As per astrological dictum, starting a business is the subject of business signified by seventh and the tenth house. If the house and the planets connected to these houses are good and strong they can earn well in many business ventures, especially in trades connected with automobiles, agriculture, building of villas/apartments, mines, minerals and mineral products, agricultural products, dairy products, animal rearing. He/she will be very happy; will be blessed with happy and comfortable mother, spouse, lands, estates, vehicles and several such luxuries. But when the planet responsible for the tenth house of profession is placed in the eighth house the native will be denied many things. He/she would be an unethical personality in the business circles, devoid of good acts, ridiculing others. Such persons could deal with scraps, minerals, coal, mines, leather products etc. Their business will always be fluctuating leading to no steady income.

The eighth house is the house of gains for the tenth house, which means if the tenth lord is in the eighth house it means gains for the profession of that person. Many experts misjudge, misinterpret and misguide the approaching native of a glorious future by starting a business. One has to understand the difference between the eighth house of horoscope and the eighth house from the tenth house in a horoscope. In this busy world, the pseudo-experts overlook the readings of the inner hints of a particular horoscope and thus not only misguide the native but also show them the path of destruction.

For anyone starting a business is an auspicious occasion which carries an ambition a big dream, an aspiration to become an example in the society, to become a role model like a successful famous personality etc., the Person begins the process of starting a business with several odds and hurdles or support and opposition from his/her near and dear ones. In approaching an astrologer one has to be selective and take a very prudent decision or else all the dreams can be collapsed. One has to bear in mind by merely looking at the astrological charts of the person one cannot draw anything other than theoretical conclusions which won’t count for practical purposes. The person reading the horoscope must be blessed with a good amount of wisdom and a third eye to see the invisible positives and negatives in the case. 

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