Success is the most searched word by the human mind. In every stage the word Success or Jayam, is remembered right from the day we start working on this earth, after the birth, the word success is infused in our minds by our parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, friends enemies, guardian’s and even by scholars. Each of the activity from the childhood is oriented to achieve success in all the fields, which on becoming an adult ultimately culminates in attitude change, making us to grab power, authority, wealth, money, material comforts, etc. With this starts stiff competition and then chasing, cheating, hiding etc., follow to accomplish the aim or purpose of what one wants to achieve, as good or bad outcome of the initiative depends on the degree of success achieved.

The success factor for each person may differ. While for a person chasing fake honour, only the fact of achieving honour or respect will satisfy him or her. While it is difficult to define the term success we can know what experts from various streams of life talk of success or understanding success. The great exponent yoga and spirituality Swami Sivananda talks of secrets of Success “Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of Success.” An anonymous describes Success as understanding the difference between need and want, or having 99% attitude and 1% aptitude. Dale Carnegie calls Success as remembering to balance work with patience. He says you never achieve Success unless you like what you are doing.

Everything understood rightly or misunderstood otherwise the fact remains that success does not knock the doors of all those who put full efforts. It even ditches a person who is earnest, puts all his or her heart and soul. Success even ditches people who put power, authority and money. But when such things happen people do not hesitate to shift their attention on luck or unluck; fate or fortune. Later they realise that beyond all investments, all calculations, all powers, all money, all authority there are certain invisible things or factors operating for success. A bad land, unexpected local political issues,  an unknown trouble maker, unexpected hurdles from an unscrupulous damaging workforce,  someone making your products or services redundant, sudden negative viral news spread on social media on your products by some vested interests eroding your market share,  or an unknown and unexpected legal issue could crop-up trying to swallow your very business itself. All these could collapse your entire business castle. Such invisible factors are visible only to a few men of wisdom beyond what other experts could not see. 

Astrologically success is a gain which is signified by 11th house. In any case where the 11th lord moves to 9th house this gives high success combining fortune by moving the lord from the 11th house to 11th house which is also house of luck or gain for the gain. In addition to all the above such natives are bestowed with higher skills, higher understanding, inflow of wealth, hurdle-less life, all such things with least efforts. Nowadays where to find an astrologer who could decode such detailed factors to render successful guidance; leave alone finding a person whose wisdom plays a major role in rolling out the success story for the approaching person.

"MindScope" is one of the most unique guidance to Babaji's disciple Dr. N Rajgopal. He uses this gift from Babaji to help mankind. The uniqueness of this gift is that the planetary afflictions, deficiencies or adverse conjunctions or colour hunger can be traced or marked within minutes, without the aid of horoscope / birth chart details, but just by touching the photo of the individual. In cases where people cannot afford high cost Astrological/Vedic remedies, Dr. N Rajgopal helps them with simple Natural Gemstones to heal the individuals from the diseased conditions or to uplift them from deteriorated financial position to prosperity. Many failed and dropped-out cases have responded well to the natural Gemstones selected and given by Dr. N Rajgopal through unique MindScope. It is astonishing that the Gemstones are selected just by a passport photo and no other details of the individual are required.