The Successful Astrologer in India who works with Divinity

Astrology is a science which defines the impact of celestial bodies upon humans and its expressions in the material or physical world. This divine science, at the hands of an expert, can precisely define human expressions on backdrop of Time and Space. Thus Vedic Astrology studies the relationship between “Anda” and the “Pinda” or Macrocosm and the Microcosm as indicated by the position of planets in a native’s horoscope. It precisely connects by making a bridge between astronomy and the biology. It guides you very clearly with an understanding that “what we sow so we reap”. The Seers contributed a lot by their intuition and divine will and through their experiential observation, rather than adapting a mere instrumental or empirical proving for the material seekers in the material world. All these renderings of the time when there were no instruments to precisely measure the meticulous calculations of planets moments with reference to time and space. All these were life time divine Gifts for the human race from the Seers, Saints, Siddhas, Rishis, Acharyas and Munis without any profit motives. The human race must accept, adapt and use the guidance for their own welfare and wellbeing, instead of entering into unwanted debates.

The Seers of wisdom have also fine-tuned the Science of Astrology by creating segments or branches for various life situations or application in life journey. Thus it throws clarity of topics like Astro Meteorological, Business, Education, Esoteric, Foreign aspirations, Horary, Investment, Legal and Litigation, Marriage, Medical, Money Market, Mundane, Natal, Politics, Professional Life, Property related, Ruling Class, Speculation, Spiritual Pursuit, so on and so forth. The persons or the experts who cast, study or interpret your horoscope and guide you are called Jyothish, Jyothisa, Jyothishee, Daivagna, Daaivaavith, Ganaka, besides Astrologers.

Those who abuse this science for their personal gains have also damaged its concepts by misusing the powers of rulers, politicians, businessmen and also by taking advantage of the innocence of the seekers. Thus they have become the cause for creating wrong notions in the society about Astrology and its effectiveness on human life. Movies and TV Serials also make mockery of Astrology by inserting poor dialogues, but at the same time no Movie or TV Serials are launched without performing poojas by choosing the best muhurtha, from some experts. Best Muhurtha is considered as the auspicious time in an auspicious day. A section of the society is following a pseudo culture of not following Vedic Astrology on one hand, and on the other hand they secretly follow dictated rituals and seek favours from all the Gods and Planets. Many times such individuals face failures and fall below the dust. So long there is no sincerity, the Gods also do not favour grace on such individuals, but give them a chance to experience to taste the other side of the bitter life. In all such situations and occasions, it is the Astrologers who come to their help, rescue and take them to the peak from the deep valley of struggles.

But, there are a few Astrologers who use their wisdom to work with the seekers and through the unseen Divinity. Dr. N Rajgopal is an internationally renowned India based reputed and much sought after individual. He channels the Immortal Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji and helps people solve many a kind of problems. The divine tool he uses is the MindScope, a gift of Mahavatar Babaji to Dr. N Rajgopal.

"MindScope" is one of the most unique guidance methods for mankind through which planetary afflictions, curses, doshas, black magic, etc., affecting an individual can be traced within a few minutes just by touching the photo of the native; without the aid of horoscope. It is heartening to note that he has solved hundreds of cases and thousands of complicated problems from across the world, just through the photo of the person. Of course, the touch of divinity makes the difference….. Many Corporate Business houses, Politicians, Ruling class individuals; Film Personalities etc., have fine-tuned their chosen line of activity and miraculously achieved high rate of success. Many corporate houses have seen turn-around and achieved high performing results even under adverse environment.

Dr. N Rajgopal’s MindScope is a brilliant piece of gift to accurately pinpoint the unknown problems, which works through his intuitive wisdom with the grace of the Himalayan Master Mahavatar Babaji. The solutions based on his detection of the root of the problems, yields high results to anyone who approach him without any barrier or high or low; big or small.