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Business Consultation


Business Consultation Charges

Business SWOT Analysis

Covering answers for any Seven specific areas like Acquisition, Brands, Building, Business Volume, Customer Progress, Customer Retention, External obstacles, Investments issues, Labour issues, Land, Legal Issues, Liabilities, Market issues, Market share, Partners’ Issues, Products, Social impact, Tie-ups, Unknown hurdles, and the likes; Spanning over 25 to 30 Questions will be answered.
For Companies upto Rs. 10 Crore Business Rs. 30000/-
For Companies with Rs 10 crore to Rs. 25 Crore Business Rs. 40000/-
For Companies with Rs 25 crore to Rs. 50 Crore Business Rs. 50000/-
For Companies with Rs 50 crore to Rs. 100 Crore Business Rs. 100000/-
Over and above 30 questions- for each additional question           Rs. 2000/-
Any specific study on other Partners / Directors – Per person         Rs. 15000/-

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If necessary, we will send you a detailed Questionnaire once we receive the payment.
Note: Purely Photo of the concerned Business Head or additional person(s), Name of the company and Main Location will be considered for the study. Past three financial years sales figures in crores to be provided. Questionnaire will be provided, which needs to be filled by the intending company for obtaining clarity in the matter.
Time required for the report
15 -21 days from the date of full payment & furnishing the required information.



  1. Please send only clear individual Photo, preferably a passport photo.

  2. Group Photos, unclear Photos, Photo taken under a tree, Photo taken with any object together or behind would drastically reduce the authenticity of clear answer.

  3. Hence, it is the responsibility of consultation seeker to send clear photo, as MindScope would be done based on the material received.

  4. No call or mail will be sent to clients asking for better photo.

  5. A brief description and background of the problems shall be provided.

  6. We advise the seekers to spend some quality time in clearly making out the question and in all cases a responsible person shall do this exercise

  7. If some information is hidden from us, the results also could be wrong or unclear, which please note.

  8. Vague question like “How would be my company’s future”? would have an unclear answer.

  9. Instead, one should ask “Will my company grow double in the next five years?

  10. A question in a question would be considered as multiple questions and counted accordingly.

  11. Example: Will my company make good profits in the current financial year? If yes, how much percentage of profit will increase over the last year? And will we close our loans? Or take more loans? This will be considered as four questions

  12. The “Consultation Form” shall be filled-in judiciously and only after full payment is made towards the consultation charges. Otherwise, the form will automatically be deleted from our systems without any reference.

  13. Only those many questions / problems permitted need to be sent to us

  14. If more questions are sent to us, unless additional payments are received, more than the allowed number of questions or problems will not be considered for answering and the extra questions will be deleted.

  15. For SWOT Analysis – Photo as above, Name of the Company in full, clear address, Nature of business, Brand name, if any, etc., shall be given in full. If in doubt, we will provide a suitable Questionnaire on request.

  16. All questions shall be raised clearly and legibly and straight, without hiding any wrong motives or concealing some vital information

  17. One has to bear in mind that all such acts will only lead in getting unclear or wrong answer form the divinity through MindScope

  18. Questions relating to Gambling, Speculation, Horse Racing, Share Trading, liquor Business or any unlawful Business or Dealings etc., will not be entertained.

    Things required for consultation:

  • Clear Passport photo of the person under question must be sent through email or post or carried in person.

  • Birth details like Date of Birth / Time of Birth / Place of Birth are not required for MindScope consultation relating to directors or partners if they are to be considered.

  • These are required only for Astro MindScope consultation and will be obtained by us later after MindScope analysis,

  • If necessary, we will collect these details through SMS / Phone / WhatsApp etc., after detecting and informing you our findings.