What you should expect from us?

A clear-cut Guidance, Genuine Solutions and Continued Support for creating successful profit yielding Businesses, Projects, Ventures, Investments, Concepts, Services and selecting Locations, Brands, Name etc.


  • We provide Guidance, Solutions and Support to our clients, which are very unique and specific to each client.
  • Our services are time tested and come from pure “Wisdom” for achieving “Logical” success in the chosen and selected field.
  • For those clients who are willing to listen to our suggestions, we assure their success rate would be enormous and unimaginable.


Any individual who enters into the field of Business does have certain questions in mind and carries certain doubts. A sort of fear, whether the proposed business would bring in Return on Investment, Success, Brand Identity, Name, Wealth etc., or he or she would face failures and the business initiatives itself would become a mere history? A right authentic answer Pre-empt all fears and strengthen the very ideas of business proposal.

Do I have the right Business idea? Do I have sufficient knowledge about the product or service that I want to deal in? Is my capital sufficient enough to sustain the business until my Business picks up? Have I chosen the right people to work for me? Will the demand for my products or services be sufficient enough to bring profit? Will I be able to compete against other well-established companies? These are some vital questions chattering in the mind.

Such questions take prominence in most individuals and ultimately their time and efforts on production, sales and marketing is less while time spent for worrying is more.

  • Can such doubts be clarified?
  • Can such fears be laid to rest?

One way of overcoming such doubts and fear is to appoint experts or consultants. But again on the flip side, there are so many hidden and unknown hurdles in Business which consultants are unaware of or are simply incapable of handling.

Technically and practically, everything may be in order but, that is not sufficient and there is more that running a business demands.

  • What if, everything is in place but Government authorities do not sanction Power?
  • What if, land on which factory is built gets embroiled in fake documents case, which was certified as genuine by the experts?
  • What if, environment authorities put hurdles at the last moment?
  • What if, Tax or regulatory authorities create unnecessary hindrances and complications, even before the launch of your Business?
  • What if, your partners turn out to be untrustworthy or have other ideas to leave you in lurch?
  • What if, locals are unhappy and protest against your place of business?
  • What if, a new product is launched that makes your current product obsolete?
  • What if the product itself finds a slump in the Global and Local market?
  • What if, everything looked fine, but due to sudden act of God, the business location is devastated with natural fury?

Can such questions be answered by any consultant?

What if you are able to get all such doubts and fears cleared, all under a single roof?

It could be business concepts, business ideas, suitable business fields, type of business, place of business, suitable business names, business partners, business risk involved, success in business, business growth etc.

We do all such checks, verification, questioning and much more to clear your project as a successful venture, all with a divine touch and divine intervention through MindScope. Not only these, we also help you with our guidance to clear several of your subject related questions, doubts, fears etc., to begin your business confidently.

What if your, Passion, Will-Power, Strength and Determination merges with Guidance emanating from a divine source?

In plain-speak only 5-10 % of new Business start-ups survive more than a year. Your seeking Guidance here with us could save your time, energy, resources, and money spent on unnecessary projects. You could rather concentrate on suitable business fields thus making you one amongst the few successful Businessmen.

Various experts give standard reasons for failure of business such as:

  • Lack of planning,
  • Lack of innovative product,
  • Lack of technical know-how,
  • Lack of finance,
  • Lack of market,
  • Lack of perseverance,
  • Lack of knowledge, so on and so forth,

However none are able to clearly guide and mentor an individual into a top businessman or a top businesswoman. But, we do by attending to very vital areas not known or visible to ordinary eyes or technical experts!

If you consult us before taking any crucial decision, it will save you from all hidden troubles. It would add value to your ideas and decision. This would help you succeed with higher returns. Hurdles could be turned into opportunities towards other areas. Risk could be minimised and Profits could be maximised.