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Career Astrology


Career Astrology

Dr N. Rajgopal is one of the best experts for those seeking help under Career Astrology. He is in Bangalore and his speciality is MindScope Astrology. Being a highly qualified Astrologer having expertise in all nitty gritty of Astrological science in solving many life related aspects including Career problems, Health issues, Marriage related problems, Business problems etc. "MindScope" is a divine gift from Mahavatar Babaji which comes to him as the most unique guidance to mankind. Through MindScope, with the touch of the photo of any person, he would answer any complicated questions of the person. Guidance from MindScope is like a torch for a wanderer in the dark forest. Its guidance can be applied for anything; be it a small decision of buying a two wheeler to a major business investment or any decision concerning personal life, business etc., and mundane aspects like political matter to societal issues. If Career Counselling is sought under MindScope then a student can easily know which field or line of study taken up today has ability to bring the best results. Under Career Guidance, MindScope can reveal whether a particular company, job or place of posting is suitable to the individual or not. These facts known beforehand help streamline the life of an individual. 

 Certain deep rooted and invisible afflictions affecting the life, major planetary afflictions, and deficiencies of cosmic colour in a person to adverse planetary affliction or conjunctions; Curses of several kinds, fear of black magic, obstructions from unknown elements, etc., could be detected through a photo of the person. MindScope also can precisely find out the growth potentials of a person who feel demotivated due to stagnation in profession life or business line and would want to know his future. Thus prospects of business success, political ambitions, educational dreams, personal and family front can well be planed and practically taken forward in life with success and satisfaction without worrying or bothering on fears like business setbacks or life failures, etc., All these and much more like selecting the best Gemstones under Career Astrology, can be guided for the best decision on critical issues under Medical Astrology, can select, conceive and provide the best Vedic Astrology remedies, show the right path for becoming a best and successful Businessman through Business Astrology. The revelations through MindScope are from the divine source. Hence, they are only the truth and what is applicable for that person as right solution will be guided. The success attained through a clear passport photo of the individual, which is normally error free unlike a horoscope etc., In fact what is revealed through the laborious process of Ashtamanagala or Devaprashna can be revealed by MindScope through the photo.

Over the last 37 years, MindScopeguided answers, advices, remedies, Gemstones have made a very big positive impact on the lives of many, thus changing the very life style through economic growth, besides achieving sure success, growth, progress, peace and prosperity in the society. In many cases MindScope guidance and remedies have transformed persons from almost rag to riches.

The number of people who have been benefited through Dr. N. Rajgopal and MindScope are spread across the world and come from various backgrounds of nationality, religion, faith, and language. Among them many are Individuals, Businessmen, Film personalities, Professionals, Surgeons, Corporate houses, CFOs, CEOs, Politicians, high officials etc. A majority of the people who were benefited have not even met Dr. N Rajgopal. Their TRUST is so much that all happens over conventional postal Mail, Email, Mobile, Telephone, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

 It is therefore imperative to note that through the MindScope Method of Dr N. Rajgopal’s Career Astrology can give a perfect solution to your Career Problems. All the deep rooted problems of the person, including the planetary afflictions, stumbling blocks, affecting the growth and progress of your life can be arrested. Dr. N. Rajgopal can, in many cases, give you just a simple natural Gemstone selected through the world renowned MindScope based on your photo by detecting the correct cosmic colour hunger. By this way you are seeking the divine intervention to rejuvenate your life through your career. We at have been fortunate to get the guidance of Dr. N Rajgopal for you. In short, MindScope is unique in itself and unparalleled by any occult science.