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Chakra and Gems

Everything said and done, the fact remains, that East or West, the importance of the Seven Chakras or Plexii is neither recognized nor appreciated at all in any system of medicine. The Seven Chakras or Plexii are nothing but the Seven power centers in the human body. Throughout the lifetime of a person, it is through these centers that the cosmic forces function.

The Seven Chakras or Plexii are sustained and nourished by the seven cosmic rays of the Rainbow colours. It is because of this nourishment received from the cosmos, the Chakras or Plexii function properly and efficiently. So long as the Seven Chakras or Plexii remain in a state of health, with proper nourishment, the human body remains in a free, disease-less state. As long as the seven Chakras or Plexii maintain their equilibrium, so do the different sense organs and the Seven human systems.

Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India, describes that the human body has seven distinct systems with equally distinct functions. They are known successively as Chyle, Blood, Flesh, Fat, Bone, Marrow and Sperm. These Seven systems are dynamic in character and are always carrying on the work of transforming external food into valuable body building material. As and when the human organism fails to absorb the necessary cosmic colours, it becomes disabled. Once it becomes weak and bereft of health, this condition produces disease and even death.

All these Seven Plexii have their presiding deities, ruling planets and cosmic colours. The Seven Chakras or Plexii named in the Hindu Scriptures are described here below with their corresponding Western understanding:

1 Muladhara Root Mars Yellow Coral
2 Svadhistana Sacral Moon Orange Pearl
3 Manipura Solar Sun Red Ruby
4 Anahata Heart Saturn Violet Sapphire
5 Vishuddhi Throat Venus Indigo Diamond
6 Ajna Third Eye Jupiter Blue Pushyarag
7 Sahasrara Crown Mercury Green Emerald

The human body has invisible nano motors.....

The Seven Plexii are Seven microscopic motors or power centers in the human body. The microscopic motors of the human body discharge different duties and functions, just as how we employ an electric power for various purposes and for the discharge of different functions, such as for lighting, water pumping, heating, cooking, cooling, preserving etc,

The Seven Plexii are centers of power. More in depth details can be found in works of Yoga. These centers also have respective presiding deities except Sahasrara or the seat of the Jivathman. The Deity in Muladhara is called as Dakini, in Svadhistana as Rakini, in Manipura as Lakini, in Anahata as Kakini, in Vishuddhi as Shakini and in Ajna as Hakini. These deities receive cosmic colours from the cosmos and regulate, guide and even ensure its flow throughout the body to keep it alive.

What we understand as “the life current” is composed of the Seven cosmic colours. Thus we are able to supply the shortage of colours to the human body through the process of identifying, selecting and using the right Gemstone.