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Seven Colours and Seven Planets

Now we come to a point, where we have to look for the origin of everything to the cosmic colours. This includes even the Sun, the Moon and other planets in the solar system. The Kurma Purana describes that the seven principal cosmic colours are the matrices of the seven planets. In other words, the seven planets are to be conceived as condensations of the seven different colours of the Rainbow. The planets originating from the cosmic colours are as follows:

  1. The Sun is the condensed form of the colour Red
  2. The Moon of the colour Orange
  3. The Mars of the colour Yellow
  4. The Mercury of the colour Green
  5. The Jupiter of the colour Blue
  6. The Venus of the colour Indigo and
  7. The Saturn of the colour Violet

This is how the origin of the seven planets is to be conceived according to a definite statement of the Kurma Purana.


Thus, like the planets, the planetary Gemstones are also to be conceived as condensation of the seven colours of the Rainbow as follows:

  • The Ruby is a Red colour concentrate of Sun
  • The Pearl is an Orange colour concentrate of Moon
  • The Yellow Sapphire or Topaz is Blue colour concentrate of Jupiter
  • The Emerald is a Green colour concentrate of Mercury
  • The Diamond is an Indigo colour concentrate of Venus
  • The Blue Sapphire or Neelam is a Violet colour concentrate of Saturn
  • The Red Coral is a Yellow colour concentrate of Mars

One has to understand and appreciate that these colours are not apparent to the ordinary eyes. The true cosmic colours that they reveal, could be examined carefully with the help of a prism or advanced instruments like spectrometer etc., or a more advanced instrument may be out sooner or later when an ordinary man will be able to see the colours and satisfy himself.

It will be astonishing to observe that the Gems are inexhaustible mines of cosmic colours. They can release torrents of coloured rays when rotated on an electric motor or vibrated at high frequency.


The Pancha Bhutas (The five great elements) are also nothing but condensations of Cosmic Colours of the Rainbow. The Five Great Elements are known as Earth or Prithvi, Water or Jala, Fire or Agni, Air or Vayu and Ether or Aakash

  • Earth is a condensation of the Rainbow colour Green
  • Water is a condensation of the Rainbow colour Orange
  • Fire is a condensation of the Rainbow colour Red and Yellow
  • Air is a condensation of the Rainbow colour Violet
  • Ether is a condensation of the Rainbow colour Blue

Varahamihira was a renowned Indian Astronomer, Mathematician, and Astrologer who is believed to have lived in Ujjain between 505–587 CE and is regarded as the highest and the ancient authority on Vedic Astrology. Among others, he wrote five principal texts namely Brihat Jataka, PanchaSiddhantika, Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and YogaYatra. Brihat Jataka is not only considered as the standard text-book on Vedic Astrology but is also described as "India's foremost Astrological text". In the Brihat Jataka, the connection between the five Mahabhutas and the Planets is very clearly shown.


Similarly, the Five Tanmatras (subtle substances) of the Samkhya System of Philosophy describes their origin in the seven colours of the Rainbow.

  • The Sight is caused by the Red and thus the eyes when examined with a prism will show the Red cosmic colour.
  • The Smell is experienced by the Green and thus the nose tip will show Green cosmic colour.
  • The Touch is felt by the Violet and thus the skin will reveal the existence of Violet cosmic colour.
  • The Sound is heard by the Blue and thus all the cavities, including the ears, will show the Blue cosmic colour..
  • The Taste is experienced by the Orange and the tongue will reveal Orange cosmic colour.
  • Besides these five colours, Yellow colour causes the bodily heat.
  • Similarly, Yellow and Indigo colours maintain bodily cold.

A careful study with the help of a prism will show how these Tanmatras themselves manifest. It will be seen that the Rainbow colours show themselves on the respective sense organs

Therefore, it is clear that the sense organs are also related to the seven cosmic colours of the Rainbow. In fact, as the cosmic colours residing therein, the sense organs are the seats of the five Tanmatras. It is due to the presence of the respective cosmic colours on the different sense organs that we get different sensations of Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight and Sound


Yoga, Yogis and Brahmin Pundits well understand about the Five Primeval Vayus which are known as Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana. Their origin also is in the Seven colours of the Rainbow.

  • Prana Vayu originates from the Earth element and therefore from the Cosmic colour Green.
  • Apana Vayu originates from the Water Principle and therefore from the Cosmic colours of Orange and Indigo.
  • The Samana Vayu originates from the element of Fire and therefore from the Cosmic colours Red and Yellow.
  • The Udana Vayu originates from the element of Air and therefore from the Cosmic colour Violet.
  • Likewise, Vyana Vayu comes from the element of Ether and therefore from the Cosmic colour Blue.


The concept and age old practice based on the principals of Tridosha (Three energetic principles) in Ayurveda has also its origin in the seven colours of the Rainbow. In Ayurveda is understood that:

  • Vata (Air) or the Catabolic dosha is a combination of Air and Ether elements, and it therefore originates from the cosmic colours Blue and Violet.
  • Pitta (Fire) or the Metabolic dosha originates from the element of Fire and therefore from the cosmic colour Red and Yellow.
  • Kapha (Water) or the Anabolic dosha is a combination of the Elements of Water and Earth, and thus Kapha is the result of the cosmic colours Orange, Indigo and Green.

Out of these, Green, the colour of Earth, is said to be the coldest of all cosmic forces.