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Delay in marriage

Delay in Marriage


Marriage Astrology-Gemstone Solution for Life Problems


Marriage in India is a stressful affair and also a big headache for parents. The pain, stress, tension and struggle undergone by parents of female children is so high that many previous generations even went to the extent of aborting female foetus. The results alarmingly altered the nation’s ration of female population. Various Governments had to bring in stringent laws to curb all such inhuman acts.


Kalyani was a 26 year old girl having 2 sisters and a younger brother. Both the sisters were married without any major issues. Kalyani’s Parents were much worried about her as her marriage was not forthcoming at all. Looking at her horoscope many Astrologers had suggested that her horoscope may not be preferred for marriage by any prospective groom’s family. The parents had been registering her profile with several marriage matching institutions without any positive results. They had been approaching many pseudo Astrologers and these half-knowledged Astrologers were repeatedly telling the same old story. As a result the marriage was not fructifying since over 6 years. Finally, she decided to herself that she would not marry and refused to get into any formalities of prospective groom visits at her home. The parents also lost all the hope and had come to a conclusion that their third daughter would remain unmarried.


Now Kalyani turned to pseudo spiritualism. She made it a habit of visiting a few temples everyday regularly and spent her time till noon. She would only return home for lunch, again she would begin her temple visit from 4 pm onwards. Now, for the parent’s another headache had started as she would ask money for buying coconut, flowers and fruits for her prayer every day. As the parents had deposited marriage funds into bank fixed account to secure her future, it was becoming unbearable to spend so much on her pseudo religious activities. On the other hand she would insist for the money stating that she had decided not to get married and question them why they can’t spend a small amount for her regular prayer. The aggregate of her daily expenditure was overshooting the income derived from the fixed deposit. The parents were worried, annoyed and perplexed but had to bear the brunt silently.


The case came to Dr. N. Rajgopal through an old client who wanted to help the family and the girl. During the consultation separate one to one talk was held with the girl as well as her parents. As expected the parents had lost all the hopes and came to Dr. N. Rajgopal without any expectation and they expressed that they do not expect their daughter to get married as several experts have worked on her case with no results. They said that even a miracle may fail in her case. The session with Kalyani revealed that still she had hope but did not know how. She was also willing to take suggested remedy from Dr. N Rajgopal and explore. Finally, the parents even offered a sizeable sum of money to Dr. N. Rajgopal if their daughter gets married through his efforts.


The photo of Kalyani was analysed by MindScope initially and then her horoscope was taken for consideration. The horoscope cast by Dr N. Rajgopal and the one carried by the parents had drastic difference and except the birth star nothing was tallying. The person who cast the horoscope initially was wrong and none of the Astrologers later checked it for its authenticity. Also, strangely she was in need of three Gemstones in addition to other remedies. The three Gemstones were Pearl, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald. The reason for the necessity of three Gemstones was due to continuous condemnation of her horoscope by one or the other Astrologers. All her energies had demoralised and cosmic Orange, Blue and Green colours had totally been depleted. This was surely a case of mishandling by placing reliance on a wrong horoscope and planetary placements. With the use of multiple Gemstones well selected by MindScope the marriage of Kalyani was a reality within a period of four months. Today Kalyani is in her world of family with her two children.


When a person starts worrying automatically he/she is stressed which aspects all areas of life including emotions, behaviours, thinking ability, physical as well as mental health. Whether the stress is real or perceived, it becomes harmful not only to self but also to their close relatives like parents and siblings. The person who shows stress is subjected to a chemical reaction in the body mechanism. Medical experts call it “fight or flight” or stress response. In such a situation heart beat rate increase, blood pressure increase, tightening of muscles etc., are usual symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety not only speed up ones ageing process but also he/she could become prone to depression.


It is said that stress and anxiety are activated by a part of the brain stem called the locus coeruleus. During stressed up periods the neurons in the locus coeruleus begins to fire more rapidly than usual due to norepinephrine, a neuro transmitter, message from the locus coeruleus to the spinal cord and the other parts of brain several composition changes occur, which brings out several health issues as cited above.


It is to be borne in mind that when stressed up or worried, not only hormonal changes happen affecting HPA i-e hyphothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system but also the cosmic colour in and around us undergoes a rapid mismanaged proportion thus causing a colour hunger or lack of certain vital colours needed to re-strengthen or revitalise the body.


Colour hunger within can make an individual to behave irrationally or be faced with setbacks and hurdles in his/her life. Gemstones have the unique property of transmitting a specific colour into our body and replenish the colour. It is possible to utilise the Power of Gemstones with the help of a MindScope selected Gemstone. At we provide our customers with the right Natural Gemstones selected by the unique method MindScope using the native’s photo.