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Effects of Gemstones

In general a doubt arises as to how a Gemstone can change our destiny. We must understand that Gemstones work on the theory of Chromotherapy. Gemstones absorb and emit different cosmic colours. When we wear a Gemstone around our fingers, depending upon the lattice structure of that Gemstone, we allow different rays to fall on our fingers. It is said that each finger has over 7000 nerve endings at the tip. These nerve endings have ability to absorb light or colours. As a result of this colour is replenished within the body and allows maintaining of the colour equilibrium; thus, bringing in a psychological effect on the wearer removing any lack of confidence etc. By this way the native feels motivated to excel.

As we understand the whole concept of colour hunger, thirst quenching consists of certain molecular reactions that take place in the organs or response the body mechanism gives out, through the medium of the cosmic. We need to stress that light is not a force outside of us; it pervades into the centre of every cell, nerve, and tissue of the body. The beams of white light, which is nothing but presence of equilibrium within, play a fundamental part in the function and well-being of the inner body.

When white light flows harmoniously into the interior centres or chakras, our condition becomes healthy and more harmonious. When there is some obstruction in the chakras, blocks are formed and these blocks prevent energy from flowing freely, and the body is unable to heal itself and recoup.


  • The Index finger (Anamika) represents planet Jupiter and stands for power
  • The Mid finger (Madhyama) represents planet Saturn and stands for minimising frustration and worries.
  • The Ring finger (Tarjani) represents planet Sun and stands for fame and health
  • The small finger (Kanishtha) represents planet Mercury and stands for money, intellectual and logical power