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The fact needs understanding

Every Name & Form has its root in the great cosmic light reservoir. As such all creation is the body of the God, which is made up of Rays & Radiations. Similarly all creations hitherto had been and henceforth would be forms of the body of God and will be enveloped by the seven colours of the Rainbow.

If we draw a line on a piece of white paper it will be a new creation, and if at the time the line is seen through a prism, the line will be shown as covered by the SEVEN COSMIC RAYS. The same principle would apply to all new creations by men or God.

All animate and inanimate objects like men, animals, trees, rivers, mountains and the like are also enveloped in the SEVEN COSMIC RAYS of the Rainbow. To experience this one can see them through a prism. It is thus possible to realize that every little thing we have in this world is in the direct and mighty embrace of God, the Creation. This is understood as Omnipresence.