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Fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga


Fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga


It is observed that the so called dreaded Kaal Sarpa Yoga has taken the toll of majority of people including the believers and non-believers. When a person who does not believe in astrology or any theory of occult science faces some persistent troubles and finds hurdles to enjoy the fruit of the efforts, even though all visible signs and situations are favourable and someone tells them about the presence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga in their horoscope they tend to believe and run helter-skelter, such is the fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.

It is said that the combination of planets in a horoscope where all the seven planets are placed in one side of the nodes of Rahu and Ketu produces Kaal Sarpa Yoga. It is feared and made to fear that this yoga is very harmful and not good for future prospect of the native. Some people also say that if this yoga is under benefic influence, this could take the native to a very high position in life conferring upon him/her high status, rank or honours etc.,. Yet some others say there could be ups and down in the life of the native in whose case there is presence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.

Kaala = Time; Sarpa = Serpent; Yoga = Combinations. Therefore, it is a planetary combination with the placement of all the planets subjected to encirclement by Rahu and Ketu. It is said that all the troubles and turmoils suffered in day to day life is ascribed to the presence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga. The native is influenced to believe that the joyous fruit of the past karmas relating to those aspects of life are encircled by the dreaded Rahu and Ketu, are denied to the individual. 

There are various conflicting theories like Rahu’s power is in mouth and Ketu’s power is in tail, therefore, it is only when all planets including lagna are hemmed in-between the mouth of Rahu and the tail of Ketu in clock-wise order etc., have proved time and again wrong through the analysis of MindScope.

From the Astrological point of view no classical treaties are seen on Kaal sarpa yoga and no authorities have dealt with this yoga. Chances are that the later scholars could have considered this combination of planets and named it as Kaal Sarpa Yoga based on practical experience. As per these experts the Kaal Sarpa Yoga expresses karmic nemesis. It is intended to arouse in the individual an awareness of the native’s limitations as a person and the omnipotence of the Supreme spirit. Bad health, bereft of wealth, family troubles, delay in marriage, relationship issues, marriage discord, denied opportunities, stagnated life or social obloquy obstructing the personality etc., could occur as part of life cycle experience which happens to majority of person with varied degrees of impact. With a strong will one can overcome it or through selected remedies their impact can be lessened to considerable extent. 

The astrological pundits have also recognised that the impact of Kaal Sarpa Yoga can be greatly minimised when there are more planets in exalted position in the horoscope or some Raja Yogas are present. It is well understood in astrological parlance that 1/4/7/10 and 1/5/9 houses are called kendras and trikonas or cardinal and trines house. These houses represent Shiva and Shakti. As such, these houses are positive and important for a horoscope. Thus, in cases where even two planets of 2nd, 4th, 9th, or 10th houses are placed in kendras and trikonas, without being debilitated or getting the aspect of malefic planet, the trouble from Kaal Sarpa Yoga could be experienced in lesser degree or no impact will be felt.

Also the classical text, Hora Sara, Chapter 3, Para 31-34, describes that the power of all the seven planets put together just equals to 77% of Rahu. In this 75% of the Rahu's strength is held bt Sun and Moonwhile the strength of other 5 planets represented by Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury adnd Saturn is negligible or insignificant at just 2%. Therefore, the power of Rahu is much more than that of Sun and all the planets of solar system put together. This makes all vulnerable to Rahu's wrath.

In reality, where MindScope indicates Kaal Sarpa Yoga for cases analysed by it based on the photo; later corroboration with the native’s horoscope has showed that all planets were hemmed between Rahu and Ketu on either side or all the planets were aspected by Rahu and Ketu. Dr. N. Rajgopal renders suitable remedies for Fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga withvarious sorts. In several cases a mere natural gemstone would suffice to contain the fear, threat and bring in good results. But, the Gemstones must be well selected and go with MindScope approval criteria or it may not produce any results. 

All said and done one has to bear in mind that the fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga is so dreaded that it threatens the future of the individual. Cashing in on these fears several people are misguided by all sorts of pseudo experts and pundits. There are so many pseudo experts who thrive in various temples and religious places offering service to people gutted with the fear of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.

Whether Kaal Sarpa Yoga is present in the horoscope or not, the fact is once the so called bookish experts say something the native begins to enter the zone of fear and attributes all bad experiences to the Kaal Sarpa Yoga. He/She begins to visit umpteen numbers of temples and conducts remedies after remedies. With each failure in his/her journey, he/she doubts the efficacies of the remedies undertaken and goes in search of new experts and new temples/remedies in search of solution for a real no-problem situation. The simplest method is to get the photo of the person analysed by MindScope and remove the fear buried so deep in the mind by use of simple remedies or selected Gemstones.