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  • Gemstones are being used by men and women since time immemorial.
  • Some Gemstones are very expensive while some are inexpensive.
  • Some are rich in lustre, a few are lustreless.
  • Some are of brilliant colour, some are colourless.
  • Some are beneficial, some are not.
  • Some attract us while some are repulsive.
  • Some are in single colour while others are of variegated colours.
  • The Gemstones belonging to some Kings were not supportive to their descendants, which shows that a particular Gemstone may suit one but not the other.
  • Gemstones have their own mystic uniqueness enhancing our prayers, recitation of slokas, or mantras and protect us in several ways.
  • If a Gemstone is selected and used as advised, it could bring success.
  • We do not suggest or recommend wearing a Gemstone without proper selection by experts.
  • Further guidance on how to make the ring, in which finger to wear, what metal to use etc., will be provided specifically to each customer.