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Health and Gemstones

It is with a combined sense of pride and disappointment; we say that the wonderful effects of Gemstones and its properties have not been exploited in the field of medicine anywhere else other than in India. However, in India its health benefits have well been recognized much before the world would have woken-up.


In Ayurveda, the Gemstones were burnt to ash converting them into administrable medicines. Ayurveda could not conceive of any better way to convert the Gemstones into administrable medicines, and for centuries they are following the method of burning valuable Gemstones and reducing them to ashes for medicinal use. For this purpose almost all good Gemstones were made use of. These include Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Coral, Moonstone, and Sapphire among many others. The functions and powers of different ashes with regard to diseases as advocated in Ayurveda are listed here below.


To prolong life, ameliorate the three vital elements: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water), can cure several diseases arising from tridosha.


It is cool, sweet, beneficial to eyes, strength giving, brings brightness of complexion, especially in women and a prolonger of life and other diseases.


The Coral ash can remove Kapha (water) and Pitta (fire) diseases, besides increasing beauty it can cure several other diseases and can control obesity. Coral ash can also increase the body strength.


The ash of Emerald is cool, sweet and fattening. It increases appetite and removes acidity and heat among many other diseases.


Ashes of Moonstone can remove the effect of poisons and poisonous Germs, stops Nausea and Vomiting and cure diseases arising out of Kapha (water) and Vata (air).


Ashes of Diamond are used in many cases to cure diseases such as Leprosy, Delusions, Dropsy, Obesity, Diabetes, Fistula, Anemia, and Swellings and also Diamond ash can prolong life.


Ashes of Sapphire are usually applied against diseases due to a malefic Saturn in the horoscope such as Rheumatism, Gout, Colic, Nervous Pains, Delusions, Epilepsy, Possession by Spirits, Hysteria, Unconsciousness, Drowsiness, Mental Disorder, behavioral problems etc.,


Even the primitive tribes had the knowledge of Gemstones and their curative powers. They thought and realized that all Gemstones had some occult value and if used harmoniously they could give them tremendous powers not only for improving the health but also for prosperity. Inscriptions are found in Egypt and Babylon people with amulets on their neck to be in contact with divine beings and draw their blessings.

It is mentioned that more than the name, they were concentrating on the colour of the Gemstone. They found out that:

Red coloured stones protected and cured the wearer from diseases, protected from fire & lightning.

Blue and Violet coloured stones gave the person virtue and fame.

Yellow coloured stones gave the wearer happiness and prosperity.

Green coloured stones induced fertility in women and animals, physical strength to men, induced rain and vegetation.

White stones were worn for protection from evil eyes and also for seeking blessings from heaven.


In India we mostly use the Nine Gemstones relating to the nine planets. Apart from these, there are many semi-precious stones which are also used in various forms and methods for curing diseases or keeping the health in its optimum condition.

RUBY – Ruby was given to strengthen the Heart and the Brain. This also checked the flux of blood in different parts of the body. Ruby was administered as a medicine in case of stomach pains.

PEARL – Crushed Gold and Pearls were given in Rheumatism, Bronchitis, Epilepsy, etc. Also, it was used as a general tonic to maintain a good health and virility.

AMETHYST – This stone was particularly used in ancient times for curing Gout, pleasant dreams and good sleep.

GARNET – This was used for skin eruptions like Eczema, Psoriasis, etc.

EMERALD – Emerald was used for the diseases of the eyes and also for the treatment of Diabetes.

DIAMOND – This was supposed to give strength to body and mind to keep the individual healthy. In cases of Gout, water or urine in which a diamond was dipped first, was administered to the person. Diamond was also used as medicine for Jaundice and Apoplexy.

CAT’S EYE – This stone was supposed to have an occult power and was used as such. There was a custom that if the husband drank milk washed in Cat’s Eye the wife will not get a child from an illicit union.

SAPPHIRE – This stone was considered as having occult powers to prevent spread of Plague and also thwart diseases from spreading.

CORAL – Coral was prescribed to women who suffered from Sterility.

AMBER – This was one of the most commonly used stones in ancient times. The Arabs used the powdered Amber to prevent miscarriage and used it as a medicine for healing boils, carbuncles and any types of ulcers.

BROWN AGATE –This stone was used in women with excessive bleeding periods, in fevers, epilepsy, insanity, and to cure dropsy.

BERYL – Green Beryl was mostly used to cure eye diseases whereas Yellow Beryl was used to cure the diseases of liver.

CARNELIAN OR BLOOD STONE – As the colour suggests this stone was used mostly to stop bleeding from different parts of the body.

HEMATITE – This was popular amongst the ancients for Eye diseases where the eyes were bloodshot red.

JADE – Jade was popular amongst women for easy delivery. It increases hemoglobin.

JASPER – This stone helps during pregnancy and gives a normal delivery.

LAPIS LAZULI – This stone was used by pregnant mothers for preventing miscarriage.

OPAL – is used to cure all types of eye diseases.

TURQUOISE – It appears that this stone was mainly used by primitive people for protection against the bites of poisonous insects and reptiles, eye diseases and to restore urine flow.


In Astrology also, for curing the diseases, Gemstones are prescribed. It is believed that certain diseases are created by certain planets. Long time ago, experts in astrology discovered a law that the diseases created by a certain planet can be cured by the Gemstone sacred to that planet. Accordingly they prescribed the right Gemstone for curing the diseases and also to maintain a good health. The method is in vogue even to this day.


Gem Therapy is similar to Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy inasmuch as both seek to utilize the power inherent in cosmic colours in healing the diseases. In Chromotherapy either sunlight or electric light is the source of colour. In Gem Therapy the seven principle Gemstones are the source from which colour power is derived.

Like the cosmic colours of the Rainbow, the colours derived either from the Sun or from electric lights or from Gemstones have the three Divine qualities of Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. The colours know the disease by the Omniscience; they heal by their Omnipotence and spread over the whole body with millions of cells and tissues by their Omnipresence. The healer has nothing to do except to fix the colours for individuals and set them to work for the purpose of healing.

These Therapies are very gentle, efficient and bereft of after-effects. The more the Colour therapy is used in medical treatments; it is more likely to be humane and appealing to all persons without exception. In India there are many Homeopathy physicians who use these therapies. In Bengaluru, for over thirty years, Dr. N Rajgopal stands as a living example of using GEM THERAPY / GEM MEDICINES. He has cured hundreds and thousands of patients with these Gem Medicines.

The main guiding factor for bringing this GEM MEDICINES to light is the most revered authors like Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharya, Dr. A.K Bhattacharya. If so many patients are cured, it is due to the foresight, unstained approach, and magnanimous guidance to innumerable students. It is only by walking on their path, Dr. N Rajgopal or any other physician is able to achieve this feat under Medical Gemology or Medical Gemmology.