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Health Astrology

health astrology


Curative and Mystical Power of Gemstones: Health restoration

Infection leads to one or other diseases resulting from disorders caused by organisms. These are the results of spreading bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. It is a fact that many organisms living on our bodies are normally harmless. Many a times they are also helpful to us under certain conditions. However some of these organisms also cause diseases. Durga Lakshmi was a pious girl, growing as young women with orthodox tradition of habits and practices from her family. Her immunity had been very low and all the diseases would first visit her and she would be the first to meet her family doctor. Years of treatment would only have helped her with momentary relief. It was when she approached Dr. N Rajgopal very casually in a function; it was observed that she was nothing but a walking skeleton. Though filled with natural beauty, she was looking pale and sickly. Dr. N. Rajgopal recognised and felt that curing the disease is more important than just suppressing the symptoms as had been going on in the past. Better late than never; with the help of MindScope Astrology, she was selected and given an Amber Gemstone. After wearing it as pendant for about three months, results started yielding and Durga Lakshmi was blossoming into a healthy beautiful woman. It is clear that a well selected Amber Gemstone as pendant has the mystical power to ward off infection and diseases.