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History of GemStones

Gemstones carry rich and fertile stories of adventures, misadventures, legends, curses, tales of good fortunes resulting in sudden financial luck, good health etc. Throughout the ages, Gemstones have been highly valued and endowed with spiritual powers, mystical healing, as life rejuvenator, wealth builder, peace giver, growth instrument, luck giver, victory producer; so on and so forth. They are worn as a finger Ring, Talisman around the neck, on the Crown, etc. The magical and mystical properties ascribed to Gemstones have much to do with their beauty, rarity, attraction, colour, feel of confidence at first look, besides most importantly, its suitability to the individual.

Gemstones have long been respected, adored, possessed and preserved as exotic, rare and invaluable. Over the ages many were carried over long distances along perilous trade routes from distant and unknown lands, which added to their wonder and their everlasting value. It is reported that in Karnataka, during the Krishnadevaraya’s rule of Vijayanagara Empire, Gemstones were sold on both sides of the main street where buyers and traders came from far of countries. It is recorded that the empire's capital city was a thriving business centre that included a burgeoning market in large quantities of precious Gemstones. Many such facts and stories associated with Gemstones have been handed down by word of mouth. Others are gathered from the diaries and letters of collectors and traders, who travelled far and wide.

Diamonds too have genders.....

Some ancient books describe that there are three kinds of Diamond viz., Male (The best), Female (Preferred) and Eunuch (To avoid).

The qualities of a Male Diamond: It has eight or six angles, if reflected on the water it displays seven colours of the rainbow. The weight is light but looks large. It is round but explicitly exhibits all its eight facets. It is without lines or dots.

The Female Diamond: It is round and long. It has dots and lines and all the other qualities of a Male Diamond.

The Eunuch Diamond: It will have only three angles and the angles are turned.It is round, large and will be heavy in weight.

Some other opinion also exists, which states that structural beauty, radiance etc, of the Diamond is of four kinds - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

Twenty two types of Gemstones.....

According to Varaha Mihira there are 22 types of Gemstones which are as follows:











Crystal or Quartz













The saint also mentions that Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Coral and Emerald are very important stones.

Indian gemmology recognizes 84 types of Gemstones; however, all cannot be related to the planets. In addition to the main Nine Gemstones, the Gemstones those can be used for planetary afflictions are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blood Stone, Garnet, Neelam, Jade, Lapis – Lazuli, Agate, Moonstone, Rock Crystal, Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline etc.,

As different Gemstones have become available, fashions have changed and preferences have varied worldwide. In addition to the nine Gemstones and its substitutes, since a long time, AMETHYST, CARNELIAN, GARNET, JASPER, LAPIS LAZULI, TURQUOISE etc. have all been regarded as the ultimate Gemstones. JADE became the favourite in China and Mexico. The ancient Egyptians and the civilizations of Central and South America value EMERALD. Romans preferred AMETHYST, CARNELIAN, EMERALDS, JASPER, SAPPHIRES etc, as their choice. Realizing the importance of Gemstones for a comfortable life, Indians, Americans and of late people from all over the world and from all walks of life seek Gemstones to enrich their value and achieve success in their endeavour.