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How we Prescribe

In Astrology, GemStones have been used to pacify the offending Planets. Even today in India astrologers are consulted for this purpose. Many different opinions are there for the selection of the stones for the planets. Some astrologers blindly go with some theory and prescribe that Ruby should be worn when Sun is malefic in the Horoscope. Similarly, they advocate Pearl for pacifying Moon, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Gomed for Rahu, Emerald for Mercury, Diamond in small size for Venus, Cat’s Eye when the offending Ketu, Blue Sapphire for Saturn and Coral for planet Mars

Yet some Astrologers erratically prescribe two Gemstones combined for a single finger. There are various other versions also doing the rounds. But the right method is to discard all such contradicting theories which have no basis.

The Gemstone that would come to you will be selected by Dr. N Rajgopal, through MindScope which has been proven beyond any doubt over the years. In MindScope , the passport photo of the concerned person is placed before Dr. N Rajgopal. Within a few minutes of touching the photo, he is revealed, among other things, about the correct colour hunger of the person. Then various Gemstones are placed and the one suitable for that person is selected.

By this way, Dr. N Rajgopal has been helping the people for well over 30 years and all his clients are happy with high success rate. We at will ensure that each Gemstone is selected by Dr. N Rajgopal, through MindScope .