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Have you ever felt that despite having all the ingredients within, you have not been able to achieve the results or Success that you were striving for? Have you ever felt that despite your actions the desired results have not been achieved repeatedly? In reality, each one of us is born capable of doing great things, but many of us are not able to do it.


Does Success come naturally to some people? Is it destiny? Is there a way you can begin to think like all successful people do and attract Success into your Life as well?


Has not Thomas Alva Edison been supposed to have worked on, tested and rejected thousands of filaments before finally succeeding with one during his invention of the Light Bulb? How long would we have waited and worked for this kind of Success? Is one or two failures enough to demoralise us and give up on our efforts? One must understand, scientifically speaking too, that lack of patience, fear of anything, failures, etc., are nothing but colour hunger within us.


How many of us know that colour hunger within us could be the cause of many setbacks? Similarly, do we know that a well selected Gemstone has the ability to correct this colour hunger and bring us back on track? At Key To Success with guidance and expertise of Dr. N. Rajgopal, we precisely detect this colour hunger affecting an individual and select a suitable Gemstone which can correct this imbalance. To do this, we need only a passport photo of the individual. By wearing such a well selected Gemstone, the affected person gets the much needed energy in the form of colour and through the process of replenishing such colour hunger the lost colour returns to the person making him or her active in Life.


Here the well selected Gemstone, which has compatibility between the affected person and the Gemstones, plays a crucial role to yield the desired results. For example, if a person is lacking colour red, any Ruby Gemstone will not yield the desired results. It is like, apart from having all the qualifying parameters being satisfied, attraction and likeness between the boy and the girl score high in marriage compatibility and making it a successful affair. This, in modern terminology, we call as “Chemistry working out”.


It is here that the guidance of MindScope plays paramount importance. MindScope can suggest and select the right and the very specific Gemstone from amongst the various Gemstones available. The selected Gemstone can then be embedded into a finger ring or locket and used on the person. Once, in this way, a right Gemstone is selected and worn in the specified finger or around the neck, the wearer would experience the flow of positive life force around him or her. The positive flow of life force again happens gradually through colours, by quenching the so called colour hunger and achieving the required equilibrium of cosmic colours in and around the person. Thus, a MindScope selected Gemstone could be your KEY TO SUCCESS!!!