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Life without Colours

Life without Colours would be Dark. Just for simple understanding, we have depicted pictorial image as to how the Life would be without Colours.

Light that comes from the Sun is made up of energy waves which are grouped together and this we call as spectrum. Light that appears white to us, such as light from the Sun, is actually composed of many colours. Though the wavelengths of light are not coloured, but produce the sensation of colour. Our eyes can detect only a small portion of the wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. We call it as the visible light spectrum. At one end of the visible spectrum are the short wavelengths of light we perceive as Blue. At the other end of the visible spectrum are the longer wavelengths of light we perceive as Red. All other colours we can see in nature are found somewhere along the spectrum between Blue and Red.

All further explanations would be endless and can go on and on. Now the question is how life would be without colours. Science, Engineering, Medicine, Commerce, Art, Music, or any related technology would be bereft of basics. In short we can easily conclude that without colours, there would not be Life at all. Our earth itself would be a mute planet without Life. Thus, although presence of colour is not necessarily presence of Life but absence of colour is absence of Life itself.

Just imagine a world without colour. Everything would be dark or in monochrome. If at all they are visible, a tomato and potato would look almost identical. Colours light up our surroundings and inspire us to be creative. Colours bring out emotions as different emotions are one way or other connected with individual colours. Landscapes and greenery from grass are beautiful because of the colours. Colour makes life exciting. On the contrary, colourlessness in life can bring gloom. In the situation, where the colour is absent, there will be no difference between the blind and the normal. In other words, Life would be terribly drab if colours did not exist.

More on this fact is left to readers’ research, exploration or imagination.